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simple things, gardening, faith, self-sufficiency, homesteading, food preservation, working from home, praying together, living passionately, spending quality time together often, community outreach, economical development, growing flowers, being generous
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There is no way to even remotely try articulate a description that would come close to the diversity I have inside of me..

however, I like to do things differently than most, I know the value of serving one another, drawing on each other’s strengths, being recluse, self-care, as well as giving it my all.

Recently I had been diagnosed with cancer and by the Grace of God I will be a survivor... I choose life as it has been a very big eye opener to me... I know that the big C word is frightening and all to most however I chose to take a deeper look at myself and grabbed a positive outlook and look forward to a productive and fun future.

I currently have a hobby farm (it’s more like a park) where I plant flowers, grow some food, enjoy the serenity, raise some Fur balls, and run a very successful online business.

In my future I have plans to continue with community and economic development to help those who are struggling to become stable and the best they can be by utilizing innovative ways to fund, train up. And secure long term systematic approaches to some of our community issues.

What I am looking for is some one who loves God, is willing and excited to make prayer a regular activity we do together, and has a strong desire to be involved in community outreach.

Of course I am after a phenomenal friendship, home life, family time as well as individual time and time together too!!

I seem to take everything to the extreme and I don’t like too many limits as I serve a limitless God...

Don’t hesitate to send me a hello, especially if any of this sounds appealing to you ...I may be looking for a needle in a haystack... but.. I am only looking for “ONE” and it might just be you .. I do prefer that you message me first so the interest at least is determined... I’m sure you all get bombarded enough already ...

Yes I am real and yes I want real

Just saying
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stroll a garden, have a picnic, laugh, talk about our passions
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