fall in love with the beauty of someone. But in the end you have to live with their character

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Renaissance men and women , outdoor living, building, pottery making, beach walks everyday, gardening, cooking, guitar, the Philippines, writing books, schools, books, libraries, inventors, floor exercises, biking, resting, playing.
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Grace reigns. FREE free f r e e! I still can fall into religion. But PAPA make sure when i do , i return to HIs yoke which is easy and his burden which is light. The unforced rhythms of grace. Life is so utterly free in Him. religionists and the enemy try to persuade us life is awful, God is horrible, and we are lost. BUT we have better things than to fall for those lies. Enemies also try to convince people singleness is horrible and marriage is so much better. In 1 corinthians 7 Paul said the married do well...but the unmarried do even better. Wellllll, . Abba is the most delightful being in all of the universe. And when he succeeds in making you and me as he is, we will be ready for his next stage of life. just press on soldier.

Dad had a sense of humour which is beyond our wildest dreams. It is holy. But that doesn't mean its boring. Notice then from this that i preach a lot. This internet thing is a small tool to make us think a little deeper about trusting God to give us peace in the relationship area. Though Lord obviously uses internet for His people to meet, it seems to me like not His best work. Why can't we simply believe He will bring you His best in the usual way...into your life one day as simple
as that. Drive the car. No need to push it. It has an engine.

Glory to God! Yeshua, that's Jesus, comes first and last and everywhere in between . But there's a time for every purpose under heaven. If we have Him, there's no reason to flirt with people. Just be your new self created by Him. Freed from the old self, just let His love and power and Person live in you. unusual bird. Really must begin as friends. beginning as a friend is entirely more feasible and helpful towards true relationship. The root of the word friend means , one who loves. " i'd rather marry a friend than a date anyday". but im not urgent about this. i can wait till eighty if Papa so deem it best. eighty five ! no need to rush.

Purpose to make friends of God's friends.

No time to waste . i'm glad to share photos when appropriate. . . but we need to learn spirit attraction prior to physical. Those who cannot appreciate such a thing are too young for me! i realize of course at some point people want to see a photo. but such information is on a need to know basis. Trust has to be built. The world is crazy today. Must not let online scammers ruin your life. GO SLOW PO.
let me tell you of study a heard of : a man was put in a room and 5 separate women were sent in to him one at a time for a short conversation. the man and woman could not see the other person, only hear the voice.

later the people were all brought together to see each other physically. they were previously asked to make mental notes of which person they liked the best, judging by personality alone. when they were all put together and seeing each other but being silent, they were asked to guess which person was their preferred one, judged by voice alone.. the respondents nearly always looked at the most physically attractive as their best choice....and were near;y always wrong. Inner qualites cannot be discerned by outer appearance. so no need to be impressed by photos . what we say is far more important. A person completely wrong for you may appear physically as beautiful. Their interior character could be a sham. Conversely, an angel on the inside may appear outwardly as plain old thing. Waiting patiently for the interior character to be seen is sooo sooo needed.

if we want a beauty, a spirit, and a brain to be altogether beautiful, we better wait for Abba to do it HIs way, because our frail human perceptions of a persons character based on their outward appearance are pretty weak and usually always mistaken . Man judges by the out ward. God by the heart. we can too. This all ties in with the 1 Thessalonians (chapter 4:3-5) passage where it's written that we should know how to marry in God's way in honor, , not in lust as the unbelievers do marry. Its a hard learned skill to wait for God. But wait we must , lest we crash and burn, again.

quotes of late:

life is a daring adventure or nothing at all.

your ordeal can be an adventure. if its just an ordeal to you, you need some adventure focus neighbor.

life is short then you die. But God is still good.

death is not bad. its part of our enduring life as it is.

if you think singleness is hard, try marriage.

ok. till next time ma'am. God bless you!

take a look again at Jesus' attitude to us all...and in the mirror. And smile at yourself
First Date
Forgive what sounds like pedantic bombastic pomposity , but dating is not a godly thing. The word dating evolved out of the word mating. But mating sounded a little too animal like for people. So it was changed to dating. It still meant the practice of checking people out for possible fornicating or adultery. A man or woman of God is not interested in that. S/he wants to be courted and pursued in a pure holy way until obtained. We're free to date . But its a waste of time. The godly matured know how to have 2-3 conversations over a few weeks and be engaged the next month. At Lord's leading , in rare cases, That's how it works in the kingdom. No one needs to waste years being "boyfriend" and "girlfriend", having a thousand on again off again charades. pfffft. for kids. On the other hand, getting to know a person well over several years seems also wise in Lord's ways. Each is individualized by God to function as best suits His plan. He is to receive all the praise for a godly union. He can't do that if people attempt to rush the show.
Emails are a form of dating so watch your step soldier. Boundaries respect. Zip it unless the Father gives you words.
Seek only and first His kingdom and righteousness and all else is added. That's why i preach to not publish photos of yourself. Publishing photos removes the mystery. The initial attraction needs to be discerning the depth of a person's walk with God. And that can be achieved reading the thoughts they post or mail to you. To advertise your physical appearance may be demonstrating, " my walk with God is so superficial that i must resort to stoking your flesh. I don't know how to attract you with my heart words, so here's some sexy photos. " Buuby pictures will attract you only ..... a buuby prize.

. Seriously. lets grow up. Preaching to myself mostly . you have the joy of observing . Ha. The reality is if God has chosen a spouse for you, s/he is already inside your spirit. We need only let God reveal the timing of coming together physically . When we are truly free in Christ, we do not whine and pine and search for some "one". That's flesh and death. When we are free , we do not mind which state, married or single, He chooses for us. We only want what He wants, and are content and satisfied with what ever his plans are.

"blessed the wo/man who leaves the choice up to God". Trust Him my friend.
Pagpalain ka ng Dios po. (God bless you .)

Abba is such a relaxed being about everything. we can be too. Paalam po
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