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I believe that I'm unique bc I know exactly who I am as a man. I understand the power & potential that was placed within me to be genuine & great. I've studied alot about men, women & learned from all of my own mistakes. I'm very honest, outgoing, prudent, spontaneous & mostly I consider myself cultivated & an effective communicator. I'm an entrepreneur, I have businesses, business plans, goals & dreams that I pursue, I'm ambitious however careful not to allow ambition to sabotage my relationship. I pay close attention to detail, attentiveness is a gift I posses, so is being a cool conservationist?. Plus I be making up my own words! ?? A philanthropist at heart, selfless & a forgiving man. I'm assertive when need too, a protector, delicate, tender & a lover. I'm very adventurous, like to boat' jet ski, motorcycle, roller-coasters and ride 4 wheelers. I think I may want to bungee jump, sky dive and snorkel. Gotta have some excitement & thrill!!!?? I'm also family oriented. Oh, & I think I'm funny. Ha!

What I'm Looking For: I'm looking for a caring woman. A loving woman. Someone who knows her worth and value to compliment an active serving man of God. I'm looking to date and see if we both agree to move forward to exclusivity, bc my end game would be taking that woman by the hand to marry her. I'm looking for a woman who has and understands vision, knowing how to combine her talents, gifts & strengths into the vision I and her see to have for a family. Looking for a lady who knows her purpose, likes to laugh & play, sets goal, has no issue with godly submission. Sexy, fine, a round butt maybe, loves the Lord, does her best to serve the Lord. Looking for someone that knows she has flaws, accepts it, knowing that it's part of life and works on them continuing to press though them. Of course I'm aware that I'm a flawed man too but I've worked on myself for the past 14 yrs and continue too daily so I hope she knows how to love me through them just as I will her.

I'm looking for an intelligent woman, helpful with her hands and uses the brain God gave her to add to our life. Someone selfless, a praying woman, someone who is good with time management, money management and loves a clean and nice smelling house. I hope she can cook, but if not it's all good bc I love to cook. Someone who....matter fact let me make it simple. Someone who loves the Lord and serves Him, serves her man and be submissive(vice versa), freaky as all get out and puts no limit on spontaneity, and to be a helpmeet. That pretty much would cover everything as a whole, and would notify to me that she can accommodate all the small details as we get to know each other.
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