Don't sugar coat the Word..True love=GOD (if you wish to read go ahead👇)

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Christ is the way
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Beginning was Word & Word was God
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Auto tech./ Finding the truth in the Bible against this wicked world
The truth.. I don't want to sugar coat like many preacher& leaders do.
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Revelations of Jesus Christ
This ministry I receive prayer and help get Revelations:
In (everyday like Paul)process of denying myself(flesh +Substances Nigra) and accepting Christ son of God 'I AM'.
To those that are here to trick. Son of the adversary. Repent accept Christ as I did and you should be save too. To: who I sent the marriage proposal. I am truly sorry. Forgive me Almighty YHWH(Jehovah) the great 'I AM' .for going against your Will..
WAR.. spiritually.. (get ready with me if you already at war pray for me and as I pray for you) I choose Christ Yeshua(Jesus). It not going to be easy. Everything is against us. You know this We are not defeated for he has risen in the third day.
Stay vigilant...( More to come) Love for all of you from me. Stay strong. Don't deny Christ. (More to come). Right now I'm getting in deep in the Word of God and his scripture. Truth appearing in front of me. Ask and it shall be answer says the great 'I AM'.
/By the way my age is wrong here./
1: -not being hypocritical/ -Technology - created to help mankind will be use against us the Believers the one that follow to heart The great 'I AM ' - . It flourishing in today world. It's an addiction. Brain wash. It setting up the return of the Fallen ones. Remember you have the -Substances Nigra - because of Adam and Eve temptation of pleasure Dopamine. 2: -The school taught us this(me). With hidden subliminal message. From baby to adult are vulnerable. Hosea 4:6 My people are destroy for the lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge... Knowledge is in Yahweh who send his SON Yeshua for us and left us his Word. Ask and it shall be answer.
3:- Paranoid.. NO... I am preparing....I am reading the truth. Received help in understanding what is going on this world. It's on your face. ?Trojan horse? They say history repeats itself. They hide the truth in sweat stories. If they hide them in plain sight. What are they truly hiding from us. The fallen ones are helping with these technologies. End is near some say. It already began a long time ago. Once it present you won't know that it's the prophecy mention by prophet say will happen. It slowing appearing. Eat and drink from cup of Christ. Not from flesh which is from this world.
4: - I spend all my life living by my own will. No more. For He is coming and I'm not ready. I won't delete this account for it show who I was. Now I'm no more. If you read this. Please pray and meditate in the Word of God. Fast as well. I rather be caught preaching the Word than be caught living by this world. I downloaded this app for you know why. I'm leaving with something special. If you have time there is a ministry which help me out I wrote it up there. Revelation of Jesus Christ. +Learn to forgive+ I'm sorry you know who I'm writing this to. Either way you didn't give me an answer.
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