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I have been with the Lord for only a year. I have lived mostly as a good guy and have strong values. But I wasn't saved or gifted the spirit. Until recently. That's why I am on a Christian site. I live out of town and love it. hard work but lots of calm space in relax in. I'm fast with a joke. I catch on quick when the jokes on me. I believe in the strength of family. I don't go out much. I don't spend money on a lot of things. A bit of a tight wad at this point. I used to spend and run but not anymore. I was able to be self employed because of this way of thinking. I make most people laugh.

Likes: outdoors, gardening, games, fishing, riding the four-wheelers, shooting. There is a lot.

Dis likes : The desert, Hot weather. People who use others. Lazy people. Again, I'm know there is more.

Important Qualities to me : A woman that is happy, funny, respectful to children and older people. I NEED a woman can will understand that GOD is truly in charge of everything. I will stumble remind me of that. GOD is #1. Sorry ladies. It's in the book. I didn't write it. A woman that can be just fine by herself and doesn't need me at her side 100% of the time. I don't go out and play. I have work to do. I promise, I'll will be thinking of you while I'm getting my responsibilities done. I need organization. I know scary huh. I just like things in there place. You can pick that place. It just goes back there.

I know it shouldn't matter but it does to me at this point in life You must be of slim , average body type or a few pounds over. No over weight women.There must be an attraction for me.

I do have a 13 year old daughter 100% of the time. Her mother made really bad choice 7 years back and has continued to live that way. So you need to know that I play mom and dad here. I have had her for 6 years now "JUST ME". I chose not to date until now. I didn't want my kid to see women come and go in her life. NOW she's old enough that I feel ok looking for someone to bring into my life.
First Date
I really would like to email and talk for awhile on here first. I want to be sure that we have things in common. After that, I'm good with most anything. We could grab fast food and go sit at a river or lake. We could go for a fancy meal. We could ride quads at my place. Whatever.
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