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Not a dater in the contemporary sense of the word.

Alone most always and it has to do with how women in USA choose men on trivial bases, and in how many of them choose to get into worldly things such as tattoos, drugs, smoking, vaping or in allowing themselves to be terribly out of shape (not saying one has to work out but USA is the obesity capital of the world and I am not liking it).

Vegetarian with some exceptions. No drinking of soda, avoiding crackers now as well as barbecued anything (cancer causing acrylamides).

I'd go for 1/500 of what David and Solomon had. Help make it happen. We could be so happy.

I hold my age pretty well from making decent decisions. My dating experience may equate to that of a 20 year old man, and youthfulness, well, I refuse to be a stuffy adult and so I will be young forever. Based on my minimal dating experience and for compatibility in never been married, never made a child, a woman from age 18 to 30 or so would make most sense. It wouldn't make sense for me to be with a woman who did 10 times me. The age factor should relate mostly to experiences but sadly I know the knee-jerk manner in which it is commonly assessed (no thought involved, just stick to a number on no objective basis).

I make humor of much.

Being a Christian should have as a fundamental basis, a desire to do what is right and to help shape the world in as many facets as possible, per our place in life in effecting progress. Being of any denomination or religion would be contained in this to generally be considered, in my chosen terminology, a humanist. I use to be an active member of a supposedly Christian site over ten years ago and the bad attitudes, foul-mouths, general ignorance, rationalizing extreme greed, and generally being oblivious to their own actions and striking out in a mean manner those whom do not hold their baseless views was too much for me to handle. It prompted me to write the book, "Thoughtful Living". Now, it must be accepted that all humans are hypocrites to some extent, some can be very minimal to quite blatant. No amount of church attendance makes one a Christian. No amount of reading the Bible makes one a Christian. It is in the carrying out of a life that is respectful of all things that would show this. It is my belief we were all born with the basic understanding of what is right and wrong, and given a mind to assess the items of today which may require some thought in determining whether there is some wholesomeness involved or in whether on a societal basis, it is good or not. I see very little in applying these principles. For example, having a 401-K account going long the stock market, something a Christian or anyone else might think is wonderful, no real thought involved in seeing how it actually widens the wealth divide and actually hurts most people including most who are getting their nominal gains that gets wiped away with inflation. This may appear to be a complicated issue to some but I help to demonstrate it is not. Apply yourselves and it would be easily understood. The same with the ownership of many rental properties - just how much you think is fine versus how much tears apart society? You could choose to be thoughtful and choose to not take advantage of various man-made systems in suppressing greed and to enable others to have more fruitful lives. I really should be a formal minister but feel this world isn't quite ready for it.

It would be nice to encounter a 100% totally single woman. My first-hand and second-hand experiences tell me decent looking (and sometimes not) women hardly ever have a lapse of being totally single, going from one man to another, while in a relationship easily gets pulled away from another man until which time she loses her desirability. Most always it would be a woman who has a boyfriend or husband wanting me and I couldn't figure out why it had to be this way, they are unable to break off what they have first, be single, then look? Why look while in a relationship? It boggles my mind. I was brought up thinking it was the men who do bad and then I had to discover it goes both ways. I had to end in short time all these ridiculous notions of these women. I suppose culturally this is how the dating game works and probably few men like me reject to how it works. I say there is a better way. And yet my years pass by and our culture is not changing to bend towards my way. This tells me I have no chance in this country unless there is a miracle or I am compelled to leave the country to go where it may not be so bad.
First Date
If i had it my way, I'd just go for a walk, come home, sit and talk and that's it, no hug, no kiss. I do not go to movie theaters. Restaurants are OK sometimes but I think better to go once you know someone well. I enjoy cooking and really don't need restaurants.
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