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A Marriage Partner
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Exploring The Life Church right now, but am uncommitted.
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Every week
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Possibly, who knows
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4 Yr College Degree
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High School Art Teacher
Studying God's Word, nature, wilderness backpacking, bicycling, reading, art, coffee, certain movies, music, card & board games
About Me
I accept the Bible as the perfect word of God. It is without error and is our 'operating manual' for this life. I became born-again in a profound & miraculous way this past June.
I know that only with a true believing Christian woman is there any chance for success in marriage in this fallen world (Satan has been quite busy lately).
As a visual artist, looks are very important to me, and she should be beautiful outside, but also radiate beauty from the inside. She needs to be active and fit as well. Additionally, she KNOWS that putting God first is key. She would enjoy studying the Bible and striving to live Biblically together. This means no premarital sex. How's that for radical!
My current Biblical studies are online with the great teacher, Pastor Jack Hibbs (reallifewithjackhibbs on YouTube), along with other pastors from Bott radio. I'm studying Isaiah 20 right now, and am still seeking a church in KC.
Originally came to KC from Colorado, to study art at KCAI. Upon graduation, I went into public school teaching (didn't want to be a starving artist). Besides teaching art, I've been remodeling my160+ year old house, also transformed a parking lot into a unique garden (planted 100 trees), complete with a waterfall and stone circles. I would describe myself as very unique and definitely don't fit the stereotype of a man my age.
It's said that artists are 30 years ahead of their time, and I honestly feel that describes me (I do not mean this in any arrogant way).
When I finally retire from teaching-3 yrs., my goal is to then begin my career as an artist (painting, prints, drawing), God willing. My esthetic being to study the creation of the Almighty and let all Glory be to Him! In other words, I strive for beauty.
I prefer to bicycle for transportation (I do have a car though); my diet tends to be plant-based and organic whenever possible. I'm pretty healthy (praise be to God).
I MOST definitely do not want to sin anymore! I don't use drugs (including pot), am absolutely free from pornography, no beer drinking or 'spirits' (except for the occasional glass of wine with a special dinner), or any other behaviors that would offend God.
First Date
I love the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. There's also a wonderful restaurant inside, 'The Rozelle Court". Perhaps coffee or tea and a bite to eat or simply dessert there and then strolling through the galleries would be excellent. I worked for Andy Goldsworthy on the second phase of his 'Walking Wall". The Nelson has also created a new miniature golf course which would be fun to explore!
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