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Chip looking for Joanna... occasionally clumsy, sporadically goofy, relentlessly loyal and protecting...In case you are curious, chivalry isn't dead... Please be healthy; physically, mentally and emotionally!!

If you want something you've never had... you must do something that you've never done...

I am a Christian and confidently seek the same... I am not looking to change anyone but I do seek to share our faith... we, individually, are anything but perfect, however we may just be perfect together and set the world on fire... It is all about the timing that is not mine...

I enjoy being outdoors and spend lots of time outside. I own my businesses and have done so since 2001. I'm constantly curious and continuously learning. I build, create, envision and every once in a while dream a bigger dream. Professional in business but seldom wear a suit and tie. I can be very polished and am completely comfortable at a black-tie event (ever seen a Carhartt tuxedo?) and look pretty good on the arm of a beautiful woman. I can also run a mean grill, build a grand bonfire, rewire the house, remodel the kitchen, pull a calf, overhaul the engine, squash spiders when needed... you get the idea. No issues with getting my hands dirty.

Born and raised on the farm in SW Ohio, served in the Air Force, 22 in northern Virginia, a few at the beach in North Carolina, a couple in northern Montana, even a stint at the Jersey shore. I enjoy it here at the Lake being near the mountains, and spend some time up at the farm. I enjoy a good adventure and have been able to have many wonderful experiences. I love to hike and have hiked in some of the most beautiful, and many quite rugged, places. So far my favorite has been the Iceberg Lake Trail at Glacier National Park.

I eat rather healthy and stay in really good shape, 6' 190#. I like most sports, but favor baseball and college football. I hunt, fish, and have been known to wear camo. My tastes in music are all over the map. I am a good cook but still haven't figured out how to cook for just one. Maybe we can cook together...

Who am I looking for? I will know her when I meet her... you are happy, healthy (mind & body) and stay in good shape, are a great kisser :), responsible, make silk purses from pigs ears, lemonade from lemons and are joyful in giving to those less fortunate. What's your passion?

We share our faith and build our future upon a rock solid foundation...

Distance does not have to be an issue (can pose challenges but a worthy reward deserves an equally worthy effort). However, if you carry your dog around in a bag, purse, or basket, or, feed all your cats wet food on the kitchen counter-top... well, we might not be a good match... however, if you happen to know what a dropped 3rd strike is; rooted for Jean Valjean; intentionally jumped into a mud puddle as an adult; know who sang the theme from Smokey and the Bandit; can name any NHRA driver; or have some wonderful experiences that you would like to share... then we should talk! of course this little quiz is just for fun, no points deducted for wrong or incomplete answers... actually, taking a shot at the answers makes you all the more interesting!!!

A place near the beach, a cabin in the mountains, the porch of a wonderful old farmhouse, here at the lake and everything in between, life is to be experienced. I am looking for just one special woman to explore it all...

If you have made it this far, you now have a snapshot of who I am. There is a great big life out there just waiting to be discovered, interested??? If you are, say hello...
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