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some sisters / brothers in Christ here and there :)
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Hi everyone, I'm not checking this app / website much at the moment, just keeping my profile here.

If I'm not responding to your message, please don't be offended, it's nothing personal or racist. I just really don't have the capacity to chat with everyone... May God bless you all with patience and wisdom!


- I take my faith seriously, not religiously (ex-catholic, ex-esoteric, and I'm definitely not going back to either). Born again in 2012. Messianic Judaism has been close to my heart for several years, the Old Testament is very important to me, but I'm not fanatical about following Jewish rules and holidays (especially not those that do not originate in the Bible), I am still exploring all those contexts and meanings...
- I also understand that living in this fallen world, none of us are perfect and many have a broken past, some even carry a lot of weights and scars, or struggle with something in the present... My close relationship with Christ is the most important, and in fact the only thing I have in my life.
- HSP (highly sensitive person) and something between INFJ / INFP.
- Adventurous, yet strongly conservative, a deep thinker (sometimes overthinking) who likes to be alone & creative. But I also enjoy a meaningful conversation with the right company.
- Have lived in several foreign countries (England, France, Monaco, and then mainly Ireland for a few years) and am still open to trying new ones. Wherever God leads.
- Anti-pornography & anti-trafficking fighter. I especially care about children. Pro-life advocate.
- I do not buy the C-19 vaxx propaganda (sorry, not going to explain or defend myself on this topic).
- Trying to stop dyeing my hair and keep my own natural color, which is now more and more silver / grey (so currently I'm an ashen blonde, not the redhead I used to be for most of my life).
- I come from the countryside, now live in a big city, and hope to one day settle in a rural area & live more simply.
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