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Fraser Valley
British Columbia
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4 Yr College Degree
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hiking, poetry, martial arts, politics, learning, films, music, tea, fine arts
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Shalom, fellow sojourner, I am a traveller who yearns to take up his wandering boots once again and find beauty in hidden places and joy in unexpected moments. I have known what it is to love, and I have known what it is to have loss. I have shared in the sorrows of life's difficulties while loving another and supporting her all the while, but now I want someone who understands and shares. I am seeking someone who does not need all aspects of life controlled and known, but who shares in a sense of adventure and exploration at home and abroad, both in the intimate and the far away.

A man can make it on his own, but a good woman makes him so much better. I want your passion(in all ways--since I have also known its absence, and I have felt its loss); I want your desire (for a man wants to be needed to make him passionate); I want your admiration(a man needs his wife's gaze of approval to feel that inner strength that she provides him); but mostly I want your respect(for a man this gives him courage and hope in all things to be his best self for her and the family). If you open your self to me in all aspects, I believe I can begin to earn these from you if you choose to love me as I choose you in return. But more than that, I want to be a father--if you want to make that dream come true and share in all that means, I welcome your embrace.

If you wish to fulfill these desires, to create and sustain a family, and partake in a communion of the soul, I welcome your contact and your desire too.

***I also have a travel blog that I may be willing to share if you are interested in learning about my experiences and some of the places I have sojourned.***


I assume since we are on a Believer's site that our mutual faith is an important part of your value system also, and that you are bound to Christ and this informs how you seek to interact with the world, and that while you seek to love His Church, you do not hide within its safety. If you have taken to embracing the Spirit of the Age and taken on the multiple identities of Society's values, I doubt we will share much in common. I am a thinker, a doer, a traditionalist, and an iconoclast. If you are up for this adventure to share and grow together, I welcome your response.
First Date
It would depend on where we connected and what interests we shared in common, but I love being in Creation--walks amongst the trees, streams, and wildlife are a place of calm and joy--and sharing in sensual delights, including culinary appetites--the palate says so much about one's soul--are two ways to begin this conversation of the life journey and its passions.
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