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Dear beautiful partner,
First,,,I hope you are well and that the Lord has kept you.
I hope you smile when you think about love.
I hope you talk to God about me cause I do have conversations with God about you.
I hope you plan to settle down as soon as we meet so we'll raise Godly family together. not because there won't be challenges or shortcomings but because we will give it our best and rely on God for that which we cannot.
I hope that we'll still hold hands and kneel to pray even when things seem to get out of hand and our legs are too weak to walk another step.
I know you have weaknesses,,,I have mine too.
I know we'll have our good times and the not-so-good ones.
I know we are different individuals with different points of view and our opinion on issues may differ.
I know we will not always agree on everything and arguments may arise.
But I pray that in all this, the love of God may remind us to have an allowance for each other's fault.
I pray that our love will be strong enough to take us through the good and bad times alike.
I pray that even during our quiet time apart we may still count each other as an absolute blessing and smile.
I pray that the Lord will enable me to Love you and keep a single focus on Loving you, as we both under God submit to God's leadership that my love will be just as Christ does the church.
A few things you may want to know;
•I laugh a lot and could be a bit loud at times but I could also be quiet and reserved if it's what you want (for a few hours and I'll enjoy walking together with you, and watch you fall asleep in my gentle arms .) I wont be ashamed to proclaim my love for you and defend you when the need arises
•I love being outdoors but some times I may just want stay back home and admire the gold that has become mine (don't we all?)
•If we're in it then it's till the very end... in case we have problems, we solve them and move on. NO THIRD PARTIES IN OUR LOVE I'll give it my all and I know you will too so...we unfortunately don't get an exit plan 🤗
Let's grow together and build each other.
Let's discover new places and interests.
Let's have fun and please God as we live our best lives.
One last thing, I think it's time you found me �...😂
I would have said more here, but I will keep them for your ears alone
~To my queen with Love 🥰

I love Truth and sincerity are my most cherished attributes. Let us walk this Journey (LIFE) together.
when I finally find her, I want to give her the best romantic rendezvous
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