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Christian geopolitics, Biblical exposition, witnessing for Christ,psychology, Traveling,dining, exercising, theater, dancing, cooking, hiking, pets, photography, sports,
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Christian geopolitics, Biblical exposition, witnessing for Christ,psychology, Traveling,dining, exercising, theater, dancing, cooking, hiking, pets, photography, sports,
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I love to read, walks on the beach and cozy candlelight dinners. I enjoy movies, television, music, traveling, the quietness of the mountains, the ocean, sunrises and sunsets. I am a nonsmoker/ social drinker, not into drugs (don't need them; I live in a natural high). I believe in enjoying the good life and am high on it. I am a practicing Christian and have a healthy attitude about God and the Bible. I'm a very outgoing person, who loves to dine out travel and enjoy the simple life. I'm a hopeless romantic and very affectionate. I have a good sense of humor and I would love to hear you laugh some day. I like to chill out with friends and family and watch movies and talk. It's even more fun when you have a special someone to do this with. I'm easy to get a long with and a very good listener. I love To share My Time with People I Love and care deeply about my significant other, friends and family. I am an honest guy, that's looking for casual dating at first hoping that it may blossom into a stable long term relationship. I am an active person who enjoys cycling, weight lifting, jet skiing, surfing,traveling, sporting events,music and more. I believe keeping fit is important. I am not interested in games or drama. I enjoy fine dining and am always looking for someone to share the appreciation of good food and fine wine. I like to go to clubs and bars occasionally, and am in the process of learning how to dance. I like getting out and checking out local talent and live concerts, here or anywhere. I enjoy movies and music for relaxation. A quiet night at home is also enjoyed and welcomed. I am open to try different activities and up for the challenge. I love spontaneity and being a bit impulsive. I am continually attempting to function from the inside out and to go with my intuitive impulses, because sometimes the spontaneous actions are the most fun, not expected and purely delightful. I would also like to find a like-minded woman where we can participate in activities together and encourage each other to pursue their own interests as well. I have several hobbies (and wish I could find more time to pursue those) such as cycling, dirt and street, swimming, playing around on the computer, dancing, and reading, and more, and would like someone to share that with, as well as their sharing their interests with me... I believe there is give and take in any relationship, and I realize that at times it's more convenient for me to do laundry, cook, clean, and I have no problem doing that. I consider myself to be an exceedingly honest and truthful person and expect the same in return; I do quite well financially, but I am not wealthy and don't expect someone to attempt to deceive me or "play" me. I believe that time spent apart helps keep things fresh in a relationship and makes the time we DO spend together even better. I'm not one who cheats in a relationship; one woman is enough trouble (LOL) I am generally an optimistic person with a sense of humor, fairly easy-going, and I don't think that I'm too critical about things, but I also believe that it takes two people contributing to a relationship to make it work. As I mentioned earlier, I like to do things with the other significant person in my life, but I also encourage her to go out and spend time with friends and pursue her own interests and hobbies as well. As you can probably tell, I am not a controlling and believe in total communication................. Not that we can do that all the time, but ultimately we can get the feelings out without too much delay, I hope. I believe in getting to know my partner and communication seems to be the best way to do this. I am adventurous. love to see new places and experience new things. I will always have the little kid in me ,even though I am very responsible !!I I will always be who I am at the core of my soul, my being is who I am and what makes me ,Butttt!!! I am chuck full of potential I actually can be taught !!!!! LOL!!! I am a firm believer that woman need to be like a guiding light to men because some times we have a tendency to miss the little things. I am a firm believer in the say that “Behind all great men, stands a better woman.

Write back soon and tell me what a little about yourself and if you think we are compatible.

Sincerely Dave
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