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single black male 56yrs old I really don't look it But i am Amazing right A little bit about for starters I'm someone who loves the Lord tremendously yes I d o have my moments when I myself want things to go my way, but how often do we say to the Lord that I want your will not mine, but instead go about wanting to do our own thing, Anyway, about me I'm someone that enjoys life to the fullest I'm a unique person I've come and been through a lot that says something about the type of person that I am, because of what I've been through and have come out of it's kind of made me the person that I am, I've at times have had to look into the mirror and ask the question like most men ask Who Am I? I have to see myself the way God sees me, No Offense many would say that's easier said then done because even as a man I tend to make excuses for myself shame guilt can do a lot to a man, that's why I made the decision to be who God has called me to be. My likes range from music I love to sing I was the head choir director for a men's halfway house in upstate NY So that's what enabled me to want to start doing something like this maybe down the road. I enjoy going to church I think by going to the place of fellowship you get a lot of people you can get to meet and even talk to about somethings that you may be going through or experiencing. I don't have too many dislikes none that I can think of off the top of my head that I know of. The qualities that are important to me are the way a person carried herself and how she presents herself A woman like proverbs 31 that is a quality that is mentioned A good communicator and listener you need someone like that, Well I'm a really good singer
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the 1st date go to or take in a church service then afterwards fellowship for a while then go to a place to sit and eat then from there decide if we both want to maybe pending on the weather take a stroll
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