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I need a potential man partner who knows how to work on cars correctly and do house repairs correctly. Dark humor is fine with me.

I’m anti-vaccine. Chemtrails are real. If you want proof that they’re real, look at the link below. I used to be a happy, smiley, democrat, until my dad showed me the evils of the world, which thankfully gave me the balance and insight that I desperately needed. I’d rather live like the NAVI from the movie AVATAR, but since I’m here, I voted for Trump. 9/11 was an inside job. Evolution is a theory, 9/11 cover up is a fact and so are false flag terrorist events. Transgenderism is a mental disorder and a weak minded cop out. I pray that any person who is going through any disorders and sins, will come to God in the long run, that's what matters most.

Correcting my grammatical speech is lame. If you are a grammar policeman, then you are not for me. I would never correct someone’s grammar unless they were my own children learning grammar.

I need to find a potential life long partner who will not force me to do things / he is kind, patient, gentle, and unconditionally loving with me as I am with him, to the best of both of our abilities, yet nobody’s perfect, so we need to be understanding. He does not watch porn, commit adultery, go to strip bars, no fornication. If he fiddles with women’s clitorises, then he is not for me. I enjoy kissing. He cannot smoke, drink heavily, or use drugs. He is not a criminal. He’s an omnivore, yet he loves his veggies.

I’m on disability for inflammatory arthritis. Yes I can walk, yet I cannot go up and down stairs, unless I want to further damage my knees. Yes I can make love. I’ve lost 30 lbs. from arthritis, which has changed my body’s ability to process sugars. Not being able to process sugars can cause overgrowth of the natural yeasts in my body, which causes me to snort, hack, and spit accumulations out of my sinuses. I love kids, but because of my health, I take herbs and supplements, which are bad for fetuses. Rx Big Pharma, for the most part, is rotten to the core.

I will always live with my dad. If my potential life long monogamous partner gets along with my dad and if we eventually and meticulously come to a living agreement, my dad will be a part of that living agreement. My dad plays guitar, he and I fight sometimes, he likes Magic the Gathering playing cards. If my potential life long monogamous partner has kids that live at home sometimes or parent(s), I’m fine with that, YET I HAVE TO HAVE MY OWN BEDROOM. We can visit each others bedroom’s, nap together, and sometimes sleep together. I will eventually begin my career in graphic design this late in life, because I have a load of designs ready to be used, then I can be removed from disability funding and have my own money.


Drag Queen Library Gyration Hour

What Happens to Aborted Babies?

Obama, the Closet Muslim, Admitts He Was Born In Kenya
In the 8th Video In This Link
First Date
First time meeting each other doesn't have to be a date, but just a meeting of friends to do whatever we spontaneously think of, not including physical romance. Friendship is vital for marriage to work well. I'm a wild child, unique, deep, and fun. I'm loyal, trustworthy, unconditionally loving, monogamous, the list goes on. No sex until marriage. I'm not a virgin.

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