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Kind, Sweet, Post Apocalyptic War Lord Material & Kind Profesor to Homeschool Kids

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I Love Gods Beautiful World, Hike, Bike, Study, Laugh, My Homeless Project. Diagnosed Empath
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I Love My Savoir and One of His Daughter is Asking for His Help in Finding me as I am in finding You. If you are kind and decent, if you love to walk and talk and to live in the moment then lets talk. I am careful with temple that he has blessed me with and so I do not drink, smoke or take drugs. I am starting a homeless ministry and I have little book of poems on one page and then on the next a page on how to build a free tiny home.
I can not make you happy that is up to you. I can give what I expect. Kindness, Mercy, Honesty, Hopefully Humility and Healing are just some of the traits. So be a bit kinder and You get Blessed. Be a Bit More Gentle and Meek, as I try he blesses me and I know that he will do the same for you.
My farm is paid for and I have zero monthly payments. If you want to be home with your children, that is how it should be and it can be worked out. My brand new Kia Niro ev just went past 8 thousand miles and most is from my 30 kilowatts on just one of our little farms. I have 2 years of food storage from you and your children and we are transportation independent, water, fuel, food and rejenerative farms 🚜 all paid for. Help me and retire from your job 🙏 I am also staying moral and clean for my wife and I expect the same ❤️
First Date
On the first Date You will have met my requirements in myself and my Sweetheart.

1. I ask you to be Poor in Spirit for in doing so You will eschew Mammon and on days where I am weak I ask you to help as I will do for you & understand as our Master Did being with my favorite scripter in the Talmud Shabot 31(a), "Look it Up, Jesus memorized".

2. I would ask you to mourn with me for those who mourn. When the time is right to also mourn with our Master over those who he would have Joyously gather as chicken gathered her chicks under her wing.

3. I ask that you be meek like our Master. This has not always been easy for me and glory hallelujah my Master gives me weakness that I maybe humble and as I do so He helps me that even my weakness become my strengths. And remember My Love we will need to help each other on our trying days, our perplexing days, when on days we are to taxed to testify and even days to anguished to appreciate. I will help you and please help me as I Covent to do for you 1st John 6.

4. According to my Mom and Grandma my first word was not a word but rather the concatenation of, "What is that" to whasthat? My first word and they say as a little farm boy with boundless energy I would where out Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa with my whasthat game. Each would take turn as I garbed their hand and I would point to something point at it and ask whasthat. Then they tell me that they would explain what it was and I would get a serious look on my little face, rub my chin then light up laugh and run to the thing repeating. Everyone got their turn with Jeffrey, "Means Gods Peace". So I have always wanted to know. I can't even tell you how many times that I read the KJV and many many book of commentary. I Hunger and Thirst to Know and I Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness. I will be so please to help You Darling here. So again help me.

5. A strong trait for me is showing mercy, "I hope". I promise to be merciful an even if I a good I realize that Paul was right the we all have come short of the Glory of God. But I have had no more powerful burning of the spirit in my bosom then when I show another mercy. So Honey Lets be Merciful!

6. I teach Logic :) Think about those who learn logic. Lawyers learn a kind of logic to make proofs in judgment. So clearly in judgment logic must be used. My trouble with lawyer logic is that it is just to sloppy and random to make sense for those that I teach. So right after their calculus series I teach foundations of logic to scientists, engineers and math students with proofs in calculus. Can you imagine a Saturn V built with lawyer logic? i tell you that it would either explode in the ionosphere or exponentialy race towards our sun with nothing. So back to Judgment and Logic? I want to confess to You Honey That I could take every verse in the Bible and rule of logic and carefully craft a proof in judgment that would confound a silly lawyer. What about a proof from a ThD? Give Me a Break So who am I compared to the Master of all Logic and Judgment? Answer? Vile! Job 40:4 I am so glad that my Savior is my Judge and who am I to Judge Another???

7. I would ask you to help me as I help you to purify our hearts that we may see God!

8. Let us be peace makers, "my name means Gods Peace". BTW I took a DNA test and God is my Father!

9. And if we are persecuted for his we must remember to rejoice for so were the prophets of old.

10. And finely if we are reviled, persecuted and all of evil is said against us let You and I Darling Rejoice for Think of How Great our Reward will be in Heaven!!!

And on our date we should contemplate these and My Very Favorite Verse in The Bible Matthew 25:40. So lets have a nice bag of some gluten free yummy tuna fish sandwiches, "I like wasabii sacue with them". But let also have 6 other bags with some fruit, a veggi and maybe some tea for those who have to beg. And let us both always remember that we are also beggars before God and we should not be hypocrites. They are our brothers and sisters.
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