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First I will confess that I uselessly lost some years of my life because my wrestle with the world which was really internal wrestle of my mind with itself. As a result I have not done a good carrier. (But now indeed I have enough money for my life.) I almost finished a math faculty of a university but left it going to a programming job.

About 2007 year I drastically changed my religious views and thus I'm not in conflict anymore.

I continued my mathematical research (amateur) and did great discoveries. Would you like to marry a billionaire? I am a trillionaire, so my scientific research costs. And I consider possible that I will become a billionaire in these nearly useless money through gathering donations on a religious project which I hope will grow exponentially (however not a fact).

I wrote several Christian books.

Dream to marry? Just conform to my requirements and accomplish this dream! I am going to marry the first pretty girl which I will find conforming. There are many pretty girls but few right ones. And even many girls which are counted not pretty by others or by herself are counted pretty by me.

The following are required for my fiancee:

* must be a saved (born again) Christian and love God
* can be spoken with seriously and thoroughly
* young (< 34)
* not fat
* with vertically porrect face (for womans of the mongoloid race other forms of the face are acceptable)
* with hairs not red-haired and not curly (a black girl with red hair probably may be OK)
* without freckles
* not very long neck, not very big mouth
* smooth row of white teeth
* knowing English
* knowing college-level math
* (optionally) knowing Linux, knowing programming
* not smoking, not drinking
* not requiring costly gifts


(most probably just a cheater to get money from me pretending to be a Christian)

I've recently married but we came to that we to divorce soon. The reasons are below.

If you are a real woman, not like that, contact me.

1. Fake Wife

I told some of these things to Victoria. I got a phone to record our conversation as a video, but he hid behind a door. So I told her just some of the things I am writing here. Here I reprise our conversation and add more:

(I married a Kenyan Victoria yesterday after paying her parents $800 + $200 debt bride price.)

A wife is defined in the Bible as a suitable helper. You didn't help me suitably. So you are a fake wife. Our marriage certificate is a fake document, so I am not going to deliver it to the Israel authorities to get you a visa as this would be illegal. And why would I do? It looks like that soon I could have a good work to hire a servant instead of you to do the homework.

I asked you to write a short article for my blog explaining my idea about my recently invented technology “crypto reward courts” to save the world from poverty and underfinancing and probably even stop global warming. But you steadfastly served to your holy Baal-TV even refusing to speak to me.

When you told you this, you answered: “Why should I work, don’t force me”. I replied: “If you had love, the love would force you to work”. She didn’t even reply to say whether she thinks if she has love.

Bible says that a virtuous wife’s price is worth of sapphires. I think human body weight sapphire would cost trillions dollars. This is the estimation of the amount of good works a wife does. It would be a good work if you helped me with this project.

The difference between a wife and a prostitute is that a wife is worth more. So if you are not worth a trillion dollars, so you are not a wife but a prostitute.

You were a bad prostitute. I request your parents to return the price paid by me for the weight of sapphires, as it was fake that she is a Christian. If you don’t return the money for this fake merchandise, I am going to put you into a prison for selling a fake merchandise. She’s baptism is fake, as she does not have love.

You asked why you should obey you. I answered: Sarah called her husband “master” (it means that she obeyed him). Bible calls Sarah a virtuous wife. So it logically follows that Sarah was worth many trillions dollars if to measure her “weight” in modern money. You are not worth the $800 I paid you, so you’d better stay on your knees before me because I do have love (both for the world and for Christ that is for mathematics) and you don’t. If you don’t love mathematics that is Christ, you are better to feel on your knees when you meet a mathematician like me. It is because like St. Paul I denied everything for the all-exceeding knowledge.

You say “I do work.” meaning that you work for money. It implies that you hate God because Jesus taught that you can’t love two masters: God and money, if you love one you will hate another.

I asked you what Moses or Elijah would do if saw that you serve to Baal-TV more than to God. Your heart was stone. No reply.
You didn’t even agree for enough sex. She tried to speak with me as little as possible. Your claim that you love me was fake.
Christians associate themselves with angels, you associate yourself with a woman of this world, so you are a sexual pervert.
In short, Victoria is a typical Baptist serving to the mother Earth, our evil mother that I hate as Jesus said to hate our mother.
That I have a divorce, is not a problem at all. I have zero reputation because I dedicated my life to God not to men. So my reputation can’t be harmed. And I yet have no fake money (dollars, I mean), so the divorce won’t harm my finances.

I really don’t divorce a wife, I just made a mistake, slept with a prostitute. But even if I would divorce, I do not live by the law forbidding to divorce, as everybody who lives accordingly the law is under God’s anger.

Later I showed her a verse of Bible that we should participate in others' projects and she agreed. So I forgave her for being a Hitler.

2. Later she threatened to sue me (not sure for what).

She is a Hitler, because she tries to destroy with my life my anti global warming plan and so bring to death and tortures hundreds of millions of people.

You are a Hitler too, if you don't contact me and don't ask me how to send me money.

3. Today he claimed that she will pay $7000 for her mother's hospitalization. But she does not have even $500. I told it is useless and she requested divorce.

I wrote to her:

You behave like a woman. To be a woman (or man) is shameful, vile and disgusting. Your error is that you don't hate your life: (Lk. 14:26) "If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brothers, and sisters, yes, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple." You don't hate your womanhood, your rights, your mother, YOU DON'T HATE YOUR LIFE.

This is the reason why you cannot study (be a disciple). I am also just a man, but I hate that I am a man. You are vile, you don't hate that you are a woman. You told you to study. You first falsely agreed cheating me, but then refused. It is exactly what Jesus said about you (Lk. 14:26): you cannot be a disciple.
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