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A Marriage Partner
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Houghton Baptist Church
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Every week
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No way
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Some College
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Apartment Manager
Worship leading, Guitar, Singing, Theater, Wine, Grilling, Bonfires, Video Games, Movies, Fitness, Health, Weight Lifting, Gym
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I'm pretty eclectic. I'm also am very family oriented and would like someone who is like that as well but I'm not limiting myself to that. I also enjoy being active as much as possible. I try to eat well and find myself grilling more than cooking indoors. I love to grill... probably enjoy it more than eating what i'm cooking.... kindda wish food would take longer to cook on the grill lol.
I'm looking for something serious but I know it will take time to get there. Not into hookups..
I live in the Houghton, MI. and work in apartment rental properties doing everything from sweeping a floor to running heavy equipment. Due to my occupation, I cannot relocate. After all, it's not like I can pick up all these apartment buildings and move them. If I could, trust me, I totally would but it's just not possible lol.
I really enjoy going to the gym and learning more about health, nutrition, and fitness. I would like my partner to be the same way.
I like video games but I'm not really what you would call a gamer. I'll find myself playing on a friday night or Saturday but that's about it.
Worship leading is probably one of my biggest passions along with theater. I'm not SUPER OOBER religious. Granted I believe in all things Bible but I can chill with friends and not make everything about Jesus. I mean... watching the game is just as much worship as drinking coffee at church. I mean... If you are having fun, it IS worship.

I really don't enjoy talking about what I don't like cuz it makes me sound like a jerk, but I promise I'm not. Anyway... What I cannot stand is being with someone super clingy. I love cuddling and all that but hanging on me 24/7 can get a bit tiring. I'm quite affectionate, and understand the need for attentention but give me some room once in a while. I will not stick around if you are easily wrathful. I get standing up for yourself but if you flip out because someone respectfully tells you that you are wrong ( I get that we don't all like that ) then you need to grow up a bit more. I get it can be offensive but stop and listen to the reason why. You can explain yourself and discuss it but you shouldn't scream at them. I've dealt with too many girls playing at being women and gold diggers.
First Date
A first date for me would be simple. We all build up an expectation of a person regardless how long you get to know them online. So I say let's skip trying to get to know each other online and get a cup of coffee. This way it can be short if we don't like each other or we can make it longer if we really click.
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