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American History, Warbirds, Airshow, Classic Muscle Cars, Car Shows, Festivals, Disney World, Drag Races, Monster Truck Rallies, Museums, Baseball, Libraries, Geneology, DOGS :-), Science, Traveling, Camping (in an RV lol), Tractor and Horse pulls
About Me
Hi! I'm Amy. Thanks for clicking on me. :-) I used to have a lot written here but found the majority didn't read it, so I have scaled way back. Just know.... there is WAY more to me than you see here!

I am a born-again Christian that does my best to live my life as God would like. It doesn't mean I'm perfect, and I don't expect someone else to be. I am a title abstractor and drive a school bus, and I am a mom to my 8 and 10 year old. I'd like to think I am a very interesting person with many diverse interests and qualities, and am very easy going, laid back, and have a plentiful sense of humor! My family is the most important thing to me - to include my dogs. :-) A short list of my interests - American history (specifically the Revolution and WWII), muscle cars, Disney World and anything Disney, animal rescue, WWII aviation, local festivals and activities, drag races, monster truck rallies, tractor and horse pulls, demo derbies, and rodeos. Also museums, traveling, national parks, etc. as well. I have a couple of business degrees from Indiana State University, and a few minors. I am returning there next fall (2020) to obtain my Masters in History. Truly, I enjoy and find curiosity in almost everything! Ask me questions to know more! I love inquisitive people! :-)

If you know about Myers-Briggs, I am an INTJ. :-)

P.S. I'm a super happy, super laid back, super even keeled person. I wake up happy, live a happy day, and go to bed happy. If happy annoys you, I might not be the one. LOL!

Also, I am pretty simple. I don't get all "gussied up" every day. That takes WAY too much time, and I actually DO things instead of sitting on my butt. I don't need to be worried if my hair and make up look good or if I get my clothes or shoes dirty or torn. I'm a jeans and tennis shoes (or flip flops) kinda girl with my hair up most days. If you don't like that, then I'm not "the one"!

****** I am not moving from where I live. If you get the same news stations I do (WTWO and WTHI) I consider you to live where I live! lol I am happy here. I am well established here. My family is all here, and my kids go to school here. There is no one in this world who will change my mind about that. So if you don't live here, understand that if anything were to ever progress YOU would have to move HERE. I will **not** compromise on this. If you can't/won't/don't want to move then you are simply not the one for me. No hard feelings. But also, no sense in wasting anyone's time either. ******

****** I do not want any more biological kids. ******

****** I'm not some model! I have my curves and lumps and bumps. The pictures you see of me on here range by about 75 pounds, which is pretty much what I can wax and wane between depending upon what I am dealing with at that time in my life. If you want to judge me for it, move on. If you would like to, for once, be someone solid in my life - do apply. :-) ******
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Go to a museum. Go to a baseball game. Go to a drag race. I dunno! Something fun!
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