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I am finding myself drawing closer and closer to God in recent weeks. I actually miss having quiet times with Him if I don't make the time to pray and listen for Him in the mornings. I am falling in love with Him. I am learning to really trust Him to provide for me and to care for me. This is not something that has come easily for me. But because He is faithful, when I make the time, I find that He shows up and comforts me and teaches me all kinds of wonderful things. I am someone who loves to learn. I am interested in just about everything. As such, I sometimes struggle to narrow my focus and push through something to the end.

If you like to learn, spend time having deep philosophical conversations; if you are not afraid of a little politics; if you like to build businesses and dream up ways to make the world a better place; if you like to make things, draw, paint, decorate, cook, garden, sing, and dance (I love ballroom dancing), go for long walks in all kinds of weather; if you like animals (especially dogs and possibly farm animals); if you like kids and enjoy spending time with them; and if you like to laugh and smile and do so easily -- then wow! you are practically perfect!

I am an amateur at all of these things -- mostly, I am an aspiring amateur in doing all of these things. For years, I said I couldn't cook but then found myself making breakfasts, dinners, and the occasional fancy dessert from time to time. And now, even though for years I couldn't cook -- I now find that I kinda can. It is just by doing little things, here and there, over time, that those little things take us out of our comfort zones and we end up finding that we can do all kinds of things we never thought we could. Currently, I am moving toward a Keto, Low-Carb, Not-Quite Paleo kind of lifestyle. Everything is about baby steps.

I am learning to laugh and not to worry too much about getting things perfect. Sometimes, it is enough to simply do something and even do it badly -- but do it just to get started. If the end result is awful -- it doesn't have to stay that way -- I can try again and make it better. I find that if I am willing to start small and give myself sufficient time and patience I can usually make something that is pretty good if not professional in its quality.

I have an idea for a Content Marketing business that I am going to be taking action on soon and am currently involved working on a curriculum for young adults for Apologetics and Theodicy. Hand in hand with this is the opportunity to work with some of the people who got Homeschooling legalized in Washington state. I want to help parents teach their own kids and encourage them to know that God is 100% with them in this pursuit. I also want to help families create small businesses and small farms. In regards to those I am in favor of leveraging Open Source technologies for business and learning and practicing Permaculture for farming.

Family is very important to me -- even though my family is quite small -- we are very committed to one another. I believe in Extended Family as the best model for families -- but I also realize that no family is perfect and sometimes you just cannot be in relationships with members of your own family because they are sadly your worst enemies. More on all that when we get to know each other better.

I may be updating my photo soon... we'll see.
First Date
A first date would be something simple. Just a cup of coffee and some quiet conversation would be just about perfect. An opportunity to share what matters to us and get to know one another. Even simple things -- what kinds of things you like, what you don't like, what are your favorite foods, your favorite colors, what you like to do for fun, what your family is like, etc. -- would be wonderful for conversation.

Going for a movie and something to eat might make a good second date -- we could talk about the movie and share anything that we really liked about it. Going for dinner and dancing might make a really fun third date. Or maybe roller skating or something fun like that.

But the first date -- definitely coffee and conversation.
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