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studying the Word of God, time with grown kids and grandkids, staying healthy, keeping fit
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Born and raised in Houston, TX, and began falling in love with Jesus at age 11yrs old, when i heard a Pastor read where the Word of God says "God is love." I wanted to get to know Him, and asked my Mom to please get me a Holy Bible. I fell more in love with Jesus, and, therefore, God the Father, when I read in His Word that "It is IMPOSSIBLE for God to lie." Since then, I have been blown away at certain things many Christians believe and say contrary to the truth, things like that we do not need to repent of our sins in order to be forgiven and saved by God. The multitude of scriptures that declare and clarify that, yes we do, are the multitude of scriptures; words of the Word of God, that one is contradicting; denying; rejecting, to believe and say such a thing.
And, the fact remains that the God of d of truth; God the Father, who's Word; Christ; Son, is his Truth, that I came to know at a very young age, came with knowing, and fully appreciating, the truth being that He, and, therefore, His Son; Word, is not a liar, and therefore, is not a double-minded, contradicting author of confusion, who wrote the truth in all of our hearts to know. And I know it grieves His Spirit when we deny any of His words. For which cause, anytime I saw where I had been believing a lie against the truth, all I had to do is to read it, see it, to stand corrected. So much for my view on God. I love all people with a passion in the depth of the love of God. But, I especially love conversing with those that have heart to Heart, see eye to eye, one on One, love relationship with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Regardless of that, I enjoy being around happy people, and those that have a sense of humor, cos i do too. Even though I wouldn't say it to anyone, I like the lyrics in that C&W song that says...."If you don't have anything good to say......then....shut....yo....mouth." If you are in love with Jesus, and like to C&W dance, you may be a friend that I would like to meet.
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maybe something like meet for coffee, or a beer.
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