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Introducing yourself in writing is not easy but I will have a go!
First and formost I am who God says I am so therefore I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I am a conqueror and can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
I have been a Christian for over 35 years, and looking forward to drawing even closer to the Lord this year, letting his word renew my mind and speak to my heart. I have been involved in various ministry roles in the past and I love to praise and worship Jesus. I have a heart for evangelism and am currently in a time of prayer and waiting to hear what He would have me to do next...
I am a survivor and I can cope well on my own, yet I know in my heart I am better sharing life with someone.
I have been separated for 2 years now and am currently going through a divorce application. That is a story best shared in person.
I am in no hurry to remarry. I hope being on here leads to meeting some new people and then will see where that leads. I would never make a decision about a person simply though online contact.
I like keeping life simple and would prefer to be involved in activities that help the needy rather than acquiring wealth.
I am friendly and get along with most people, I can be the life of the party but my personality means I need times of solitude to refresh. I have a great sense of humor and love the good medicine that brings!
I have been told I am beautiful and attractive, but hey beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and was is beautiful for some, may not be for others. I am happy with the way I look and comfortable in my own skin and that's whats most important. I am taking steps towards losing a few more pounds this year but I am not a high energy sporty kind of person. I live near the beach and enjoy regular walks with my dog, and looking forward to riding my new trike that I bought myself this year :)
I am Mum to 4 grown up sons and Grandma to 6 grandsons. My happiest moments are when I get to hang out with them.
I have lived and worked in very remote locations within Australia for the past 10 years and have recently resettled in my hometown Mackay to be near my children and grandchildren again. The only problem with this was that I was unable to find employment in my usual area (Administration, Employment Consultant, Youth Worker, Salvation Army Minister). So I have recently taken up taxi driving! I don't know if this will be a long term thing but I am enjoying it and finding it less stressful than previous roles.
What kind of man am I looking for? (Another hard question to write about!)
He will love God and be in a current relationship with Him! There are many believers out there, but I want a man that loves the Lord God with all of his heart and who lives a life that reflects this.
He is confident and comfortable in who he is.
He will look good to me. I don't have a 'criteria' for looks and really looks and personality go together so photos don't give a good indication of looks to me, as until I got to know you I couldn't decide whether or not you looked good to me. (I hope that makes sense)
He will not want anymore children. I am happy to welcome his but my time for raising children has passed.

I've joined this site before and left just as quickly...... its a bit scary putting oneself out there like this, but anyway here I am and if you sense in your spirit that contact would be a God thing, then I look forward to hearing from you.
First Date
If we introduced ourselves through here and continue to be interested then I guess the next step would be talking on the phone, or over skype so we could see other face to face while talking. From there we would need to meet in person at an agreed time and place. Of course if we lived close enough we could meet somewhere for a coffee and chat.
Thankyou and God bless you!
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