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I’m an independent woman, who is not seeking but open to courting with a solid truly regenerate Christian man. I am 28 years old, mother of two.
I’m a homemaker to my children and my faith, family and church community are what comes first to me in life.

I was raised in the R.Orthodox Church, but long study, research, fasting, debating, prayer and other factors led me to leave the fold of the R. Orthodox Church as I believe they do not preach the FULL gospel of Jesus Christ, that does not mean I don’t believe they are true Christians, they are as well as Roman Catholics; I believe they are churches with an obvious pedigree of antiquity however I believe throughout the centuries they have added, and embellished many teachings. I do regard them as true churches however I do believe that they teach & promote significant errors; thus it is my consensus that their sacramental meritorious works based system of soteriology extends beyond what is written resulting in a soteriological error. I am a Protestant, specifically of the Reformed tradition, by John Knox. (Presbyterian). So I do hold to the Westminster standards, and by lesser extent the three forms of unity, including the doctrines of grace, Covenantal baptism, as well as 2 of the Marian dogmas ie (the PVM, & The Theotokos), I hold to the historic reformed position with an admixture of some Anglican flavor regarding the the Real presence of Christ (mystically) in the Lord’s Supper/Eucharist and postmillennialist eschatology, Supralapsarian, as well as Cessationism, traditional Theonomist and Worshiping on The Lord’s Day (ie.NON-

I am a complementarian, so of course I am attempting my best to model biblical womanhood in life, that means that I expect biblical manhood from the men that would court me; as in you seek to draw me & I shall respond adequately if the spiritual chemistry is right.

I refuse to be unequally yoked with unbelievers, or heretics.

Lastly, If you messaged me and I haven’t responded, please do not take it personal as I can be preoccupied with other matters or simply delayed in my replies, or I just wasn’t interested. Given the overwhelming amount of reception I’ve received on here, if you seek a guaranteed response from me, I appreciate consistency as our conversations can be engulfed by incoming inboxes. I am not saying this to brag about the “attention” I’ve received, just stating a fact. I’m only one person and can only handle in responding to a select few.

Anyways these are my theological convictions summarized briefly, if you inbox me to disagree with me and pick a theological fight, I will block you as I have no time to debate and argue with men who are theologically incompatible.
First Date
A nice get together at a public place where we can exchange thoughts and ideas is nice, I prefer to be surprised...
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