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Christ, Bible, family, children, enjoying life, music, language, food, nature, games, technology, woodworking, hiking, camping, exploring, road trips, reading, movies
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I'm Abraham looking for my Keturah; Jacob looking for my Rachel; Elkanah looking for my Penninah; David looking for my Abigail; Solomon looking for my Shulamite; Xerxes looking for my Esther.

About Me:
* One of my goals in life is to be a strong, masculine patriarch, leading my wife and children in life, love, and in the Christian faith.
* I'm a devout Christian, a former missionary to Africa, currently a volunteer missionary, a cunning linguist ;), and a skilled software developer.
* I speak English, French, and some Spanish. I've studied Hebrew and Greek.
* I enjoy traveling and sightseeing both locally and internationally.
* I enjoy nature and outdoor activities: hiking, camping, the beach, picnics, swimming, exploring, traipsing through the woods.
* I also enjoy cultural activities such as movies, theater, music, and literature, and art.
* I love to explore ideas and new hobbies; sometimes I stick with them and sometimes I don't; but I stick with my job in a hard-working and dedicated way.
* I love my three young sons. I love being a father to them, playing with them, and discipling them in God's ways.
* I love to sing, write poetry, and play music on my eclectic collection of instruments (harp, marimba, ocarina, mandolin, etc.)
* I enjoy good cooking, laughter, playing board games and video games, spending time talking with friends and family.
* I love kissing, embracing, and cuddling with my sweetheart. And so on and so forth. ;-)
* I believe in the importance of sexual purity. I have only been with one woman, a marriage that lasted for 16 years.
* I work hard and will provide for the women who choose to come under my headship - food, shelter, clothing, and love, as Exodus 21:10 prescribes.
* I am learning to be content with little and content with much. And I want to enjoy my work, my food, my drink, my woman, and my family all my meaningless days under the sun, while I reverence God.
* I currently live in a good apartment complex with great facilities - multiple indoor pools, hot tubs, and gyms, walking trails through the woods.

Who I'm Looking For:
* a woman who wants me to lead her in life and love and in the Christian faith.
* a beloved to love and to delight in.
* a woman who delights in her beauty and femininity, and who will value my leadership and masculinity.
* a woman who will sit at my feet and learn from me as her spiritual authority.
* a woman who understands the submissive role of a godly woman (agreeable, cooperative), and who will delight with me in the interplay of male and female roles that God has designed. (Google "The Transformed Wife" blog and book for a great resource.)
* a woman who can accept and nurture my sons as the children of the man she loves, and who will help me raise them.
* a young, fertile woman who is excited to bear children for me herself, so we can raise them in love together and in the knowledge and admonition of the Lord. (How old was Isaac when he wed Rebekah? How old was Abraham when he wed Keturah, who bore him six sons?)
* a woman who loves kissing, embracing, and cuddling with her sweetheart. And so on and so forth. ;-)
* a woman who is a has never been with a man, or who is a young widow who was only ever with her husband.
* a woman who agrees with the Bible that sex is something to be enjoyed only within a covenantally wedded relationship between a man and his woman. But once wedded, sex is the right of the man and the right of the woman to ask for, to receive, and to enjoy! That's the commitment we both make to each other. Chastity before being wedded, joyous sexual surrender to one another in our wedded union.
* a woman who will help me build up my house, not tear it down (Proverbs 14:1).
* I want to dance with my woman held close in my arms.

I'm looking for:
* A Proverbs 5:18-19 woman.
* A Psalm 45:9-11 woman.
* A 1 Corinthians 7:4-5 woman.
* An Ephesians 5:22 woman.
* A 1 Peter 3:1-6 woman.
* A Song of Solomon 2:3-6 woman.
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