If Jesus is a lion, I am an ExorcistCat. Philippians 4:8.

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Cats, Philippians 4:8, Classical Music, Traditional, Prayer, Metta Practice, Reading Holy Books, Compassion, Cats, Faith, God, Jesus, Sanskrit (learning), Bible
About Me
First off, I am a man who loves and serves God. Next, 1John 5:3 For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous.

Everything that promotes self-defeating ideas, makes people unhappy. Thus is why I reformulated and restructured my life to be in harmony with God's ideas that focus on self-sufficency. I also helped formulate many groups of people very redundantly, so that those ideas will not take hold again. I follow the Bible and am also very pragmatic. This world's ideas are very weak and you can see the gross lack of creativity in people who are under the influence of propaganda, dark forces that complain. It results in cancers of various forms, due to the anger and hate of pushing activist gay, social justice and disgusting types of political agendas that are not in harmony with Christianity.

I am imperfect just like anyone else. So, I made misteaks in the past. But, God forgave me. So, I won't make the same misteaks. There is no place at all in this world, Jesus' Kingdom or the next world for ideas that are not in line with God's perspective. God wants people to be happy. So all we can really be is what he made us to be. Which is righteous, straight, traditional, honest, generous, mild, full of faith and hope.

If we speak negatively out of the need to seem like we have the up on people... This is not in harmony with Philippians 4:8.

God loves everybody but does not tolerate wrongdoing forever. I don't believe in the do not judge narrative. Because we are supposed to correct people when they are wrong. There is too much extremism and too much propaganda in TV, media and movies to just let it go. Christians need to take a hard line and stomp out as much garbage that isn't in harmony with God. If we are not allowed to, it only gives the other guys more space to make people even more miserable.

People who say they love all music are liars. I love people who listen to just a few types because they are honest. That goes for people who say they like all animals. It's dishonest. It isn't possible or practical to like all animals.

I have been kind and loving, but if you are not something that belongs on a Christian site. It is your own fault.

If you can't keep God's commandments you don't have any business being on CDFF.
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