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I am often joking around and I like comedy(I enjoy all kinds of humor like absurd humor, dry humor, slapstick, etc). I am very laid back, forgiving, and difficult to offend. I feel a clear sense of worth because I know I am loved by God and others, rather than the shaky foundation of self-righteousness. I am often looking for opportunities to joke but I think it is possible to joke about a subject without necessarily making light of it(nor disrespecting it).

I am a Landscaper, but I mostly just cut lawns. I really like it because I can listen to music while I mow, it is physical work, and there is a very satisfying before&after effect(and getting to see the progress on each lawn). I want to be self-employed. I would like to learn about making money in other ways on the side too, not because I am a workaholic, but as a backup source of income and something to do in the winter.

I am a convinced lifelong Christian that values my faith and I want to learn to be more and more devoted to God. I think the influence that stands out the most(other than the Bible) is the writer/preacher George MacDonald since he has inspired me to see the zealous love and fatherliness of God and how God will not abandon anyone, nor will he accept anything less than our greatest good. I also like Peter Hiett. I think that the teachings of Jesus and the apostles are inspired and full of truth. I value my religious beliefs and try to continually become a better Christian(which to my mind means learning to love more, be of help to those in need, learning to put others first more).

I revere Jesus and want to learn to follow him more and more until he teaches me to be the man that I am meant to be(like him). He is my hero and my God. I value my sense of integrity or my conscience and consider it an important factor in living a happy satisfying life.

Some of my favorite ways of spending my extra time in no particular order is going on walks and runs, doing exercises at home, watching clean comedy shows/movies, watching youtube videos(generally related to learning, intellectual curiosity, or self-improvement) or listening to audiobooks on my walks. I really like running with some music.

I like lots of different kinds of exercise, not just running/walking/hiking. I like learning about things that I think will pay off practically(whether it is little stuff like a recipe or something more important like nutrition).

I like board games or other games that are amiably competitive and or funny.

I enjoy other things too and would probably be open to new hobbies/activities, especially with a friend or loved one. I don't enjoy watching sports(maybe if someone I knew was playing) but I think I would enjoy playing them if I knew how(so if you play a sport, I would probably be interested in learning it).

When it comes to TV or movies, I like different genres. Good comedy(I like different types of humor) is easily my favorite. I generally avoid very violent stuff just to keep my thoughts/imagination more peaceful but not for moral reasons(I won't object to a friend or partner watching it and I make some exceptions like Lord of the Rings or Star Wars or comedic violence like Monty Python and the Holy Grail). I am not offended in the slightest by cussing but I don't personally cuss because I was raised not to and it does not come naturally to me(I am morally against using cussing to insult or hurt others but using less controversial words to do that is equally bad).

Some of my favorite comedy shows off the top of my head(not in order) are Seinfeld, The Bob Newhart Show, Red Dwarf, and The Office.

My favorite music is generally video game music, jazz, or old fashioned hymns. Nobuo Uematsu is my favorite composer. I recently found a music artist I like named Scott Seabock that makes Christian Funk and Christian R&B music and I am lovin it, it is Christian music that I can run to!

The sort of woman that I am looking for is a woman that believes in God and the Bible whether she knows much about the Bible or not. It is the heart that counts when it comes to faith. I don't mind if you never read the whole Bible, I could help you if you are intimidated by it. I want a wife that has compassion on others. Compassion for animals is also a very attractive quality to me.

However, I believe that it is wisest to have some boundaries before marriage. I don't want to have sex or sexual acts before marriage, it is against God's will and is just asking for heartache. I mention this because I have heard it is common for even self-proclaimed Christian men to ask for this. It is not a dealbreaker if you have had a misguided past if you have repented of it. I don't mind talking about it in an appropriate way(like discussing our principles or expectations or its role in marriage or so on).

I think a willingness to face and work on problems is important for a marriage.
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I am open to ideas but going on a walk or going to Panera bread are two specific ideas I like.
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