sarò a Roma dal 12 al 19 ottobre, 2020, se vuoi incontrarmi, ora è una possibilità

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Sarò a Roma dal 12 al 19 ottobre, 2020, se vuoi incontrarmi, ora è una possibilità. Missione completata.
La missione è stata fantastica, Roma è stata fantastica, grazie a Dio per le misericordie di viaggio e la gente di Roma
About Me
Intelligent and confident guy seeking God, have been since 2010 when I got baptised. Trying to learn wisdom from Him. I am looking for a God fearing and family oriented European lady, if there are any of this kind left in this world? If you’re dreaming about having a family and making several amazing babies, drop me a line! :) It seems the majority of ladies are interested in a comfortable life and self gratification more than understanding what this life is about. People in general cannot see that happiness is a process: create things and make it happen together, family, home, ministry, travel places, pray together, share the 3 angels' message with the world, seek the Kingdom of God and glorify His name.

I enjoy a healthy lifestyle, exercising, beach time, and studying the Bible.

My opinion on "corona", it's been long planned and the goal is mandatory vaccination of the entire world population and totalitarian digital ID tracking system. Read the World Economic Forum and Davos Forum programmes - they’re talking about the “great” RESET. Read the UN Agenda 21 and 2030. Look into Elon Musk’s company Neuralink, where they’re talking about putting electronic implants (microchips) into the brain, look into ID2020, look into the Vatican lead “climate change” and then you might start seeing the whole picture emerging - they are creating a digitally controlled electronic system, where a human being is just DATA, same like the RFID coded any other product, that can be tracked, traced, sold, deleted/cancelled, etc. We are seeing Revelation 13: the beginning of the beast system (church & state) and the mark of the beast taking shape. Technology will be a huge part of it; however, the real mark of the beast will be a false Sun-day worship law that this fallen church and state system is all about - because they say it themselves: it is a mark of their “authority”. Where is God in this, where is His authority? Exactly, the world is denying God’s authority and building their sinful system that seeks to separate human beings from the Creator and enslave them in this electronic control system led by the fallen ones. This is the time to move out of the cities and preach the Truth while we still can as persecution of Christians worldwide is coming soon.
Jesus saves, follow Him!
First Date
Tea shop in town or outta town, a walk in a park, seaside, etc. where we can be relaxed and talk and watch life around us 😉
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