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family, food, volunteering, fitness, history, nature, reading, sports, travel, animals... oh, and food again
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What to put first in an online dating app introduction is maybe something Kierkegaard would use as a literary device if he were alive in the 21st century, haha. Consequently, maybe I'd better say I'm looking for my Regine Olsen -- but since I hope to marry, be a father, and share a life with someone I love, maybe that's not a great line.

If you don't know these fun names (just like me a year ago), no worries at all (and apologies for the name dropping); I'm just happy I might have sparked some curiosity. I find curiosity and intelligence attractive in a woman. At the same time I'm attracted to a humble, kind, and warm character.

If you've not stopped reading yet, I'd say you'd be a perfect person to grab a coffee or 'virtual fika' (fun word I'm borrowing).

If you couldn't tell already, I'm a bit of a dork when it comes to history and such. I'm an old soul who loves to laugh. I enjoy sports, nature, fitness travel and food. I do not seek drama and am put off by some of the shallow social interaction of our generation. I suppose that's partly why I'm on here, because despite perceived hypocrisy (in light of my previous sentence) of using an online dating app, I hope to find a woman who is genuine and is humble before God (Micah 6:8 is one of my favorite verses btw... Useful advice for everyone). I've decided that finding a partner who has a relationship with God is non-negotiable; I truly believe that there is an infinite amount of good that is packed into a relationship with God. The more I read, observe, listen, and simply live, the more convinced I am of that. I'd love to be a father and understand (as much as I can without having had children myself yet) the commitment and responsibility involved. Consequently, I am looking for a woman who would like to have a family at some point (no rush in particular, but it is something to consider).

More about me... (the length of my intro betrays the fact that I do get a little uncomfortable talking about myself, haha). I am active in my church and volunteer with a weekly meal/homeless program we started (very eye-opening). I've had a few very eye opening experiences elsewhere that I feel have matured my world view/faith walk. I went to undergrad for engineering and grad school for architecture and work for a design firm. In homage to Kierkegaard, I didn't define myself with this first -- and it's not what a I feel anyway. However, I do love design and creativity... so much that I have a few patent/inventions and have one foot in the adventurous entrepreneur pool, haha. I will have to fill this out in the future, but I've already provided a wall of text, haha.

Anyway, I'd love to here from you (and about you)!

P.S. bonus points for terrible dad jokes!
First Date
coffee, 'virtual fika', dinner, museum, game, escape room, and/or volunteering somewhere random together
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