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North Dakota
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African American
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Cornerstone Church / Hope Of The World
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2 Yr College Degree
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Jr. Software Engineer
Cars, Business, Travel, Reading, Self Improvement, Jesus Christ, Prophetic Revelations, Music, Food
About Me
If you were to ask my friends to deacribe what type of person I am, I think they would say that I'm charismatic around them and always passionate about what we discuss.

I'm direct and usually just say it as it is rather then sugar coating things - although it has gotten me in some hot water in my romantic relationships, it has also allowed others to trust me and to ask for advice because they know I will tell them the truth.

I personally see myself as someone who can be charismatic when necessary, I'm empathetic towards people and always want to help someone in a less fortunate position than I am whenever I can.

I love freely and honestly, but for me to get to the point of fully trusting anyone usually takes a while.

I'm really passionate about cars, the Bible, God, technology, and knowledge.

I've loved cars ever since I was a baby - I literally used to draw boxed cars on paper in kindergarten.
The Bible became my passion when I decided to read it cover to cover AND research everything I did not understand - Let me tell you, ITS ALL TRUE 😐.
I've always liked making things and wonderes how stuff worked, so when I got my first computer I always was in settings and options to see what features it has and what it can do. I'm now the go-to guy if someone needs help with any of their tech.

So this is a bit about me. I don't like writing these because I believe people are more complex than a mere description.

So I urge you to get to know me personally rather than relying on what I wrote. 🙂
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