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Probably only looking for semi-local. There are many great women out there, but long distance is usually too difficult. It's too easy for someone to be dishonest about who they are, and even to cheat... More than that, I think since I am working on getting a better education & eventually a better job, it would probably be better if the person I am courting is local.

I might be willing to make an exception eventually about longer distance, but right now... I feel that many people who do online dating aren't serious about anything, and kind of just are here out of loneliness. So, I would prefer to get to know someone face to face, and really know who they are & their character, rather than risk being deceived and hurt again.

What I'm looking for from a woman:

- More of a homebody than not, but also not stagnant
- Wants their husband to be their best friend, and also wants to primarily spend her time with him
- Doesn't go places alone with other men, especially not to their house
- Baptist or non-denominational
- Doesn't smoke anything, drink, or do drugs
- Has a heart for helping others
- Patient
- Good listener
- Encourager
- Hard worker
- Dresses modestly
- Willing to be direct when necessary, doesn't avoid issues by being too indirect
- Interested in going to church regularly & growing closer to God
- Pays attention to sermons and can remember what they were about, for our edification
- Wants or is willing to live in my area & has no dreams or desires to live elsewhere (basically trying to find someone who can be content with things, and not thinking things are better elsewhere or that they have some desire/fantasy that isn't compatible with my future)

These are the big things that come to mind right now.

Please don't argue with me if you don't like something I mention. I know what I want now more than ever. There are other men - if you don't like what I'm saying... and please - know that you can never change someone. People will do what they want and be who they want. I've listed these things because I think they're things that would complement me well, and some of them are natural fruits of the spirit type things to want in a wife anyway.

So, I've described what I want... Time to write a little about me.

- Homebody
- likes sightseeing & basic hiking
- Pretty decent with computers (also am looking into IT or CompSci)
- Favorite pets are parakeets (I have three)
- I am trying to go to church more, but sometimes I have to settle for sermons on the radio
- Reserved
- Patient
- Likes doing things for others
- Quality time is super important for me

Much of what I'm looking for in a woman is also something I do or try to do... I just didn't want there to be a repeat. Also, I'm still discovering new pastimes and new things I might like. I'm trying to get away from typical timewasters like games and movies. Even though they are often mediums to spend time with friends, it's typically not as fulfilling for me.

Also always looking for more recommendations on how to relax, or how you personally relax... Especially if it's something cheap or easy to do at home.
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