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(Still needs editing) Call-To-Action Update: Energy: I ask you to take 186,000 mi/sec. (the speed of light) and reflect upon this question, what drives your actions? The keyword is "drives." In other words, where does your energy come from? Bam! Lightning Strike! What appeared first in your mind?

What if what appeared in your mind was free? Of course, if your thought was reglious or spritual, that is free, but continuing growth in it may not be. Now, keep thinking.

My point is that free energy exists, and it always has. It's directly from the Earth, it's wireless, and it never ends. Yes, natural, wireless, and infinite. Also, did I mention that it doesn't produce hazardous gasses? So, why is an electric bill showing up in your mail? And why do much of our lives consist of working for something that is natural and free? If we lived in a society where energy were free, what would we have time to focus on? The answer is, dancing among the real stars, duh.😉

But seriously, where would our progress be as a society? Simply; It would involve technolgy that improves our ends. We would be united, and our thinking would be vertical. Sorry, but smartphones, iPhones, cars/trucks, and owning beautiful homes can't take us to moon and back. Moving on...

In a religious and spiritual sense, yes, this energy is free. But if you want to grow in that religious and spiritual sense you need to purchase literature, films, and fossil fuels to drive you to and from like-minded gatherings of people. All of these cost money. Therefore, you are still a victim of non-free energy.

Also, please capture this thought. In ancient Egypt, the longest lasting civilization in history, there were no colleges or universties. Knowledge was free. And they existed for roughly 5,000 years! If there is such a thing as a race amongst humans, they are the renigning undefeated champions.

And do you know that the Great Pyrimid is built directly in the center of the Earth on a distinct, natural harmonic line that gives off a certain frequency that can be converted to energy? They knew a great deal of something that we know nothing about!

I will use an analogy for my conclusion. First and foremost, I am a songwriter. And in the generic songwriting process, the initial thought for the song is the keystone of it. It is the most important piece. It is commonly referred to as the "hook." Sometimes after the writer(s) starts writing down phrases that surround the hook, and then they look at the piece as a whole, the song turns out poor or doesn't make sense. Even recognized, experienced, and skilled writers can have this happen. Their work did not develop correctly; therefore, they end up tearing the piece to shreads and starting over.

In relation to songwriting, my analogy is that not only was the initial thought of our modern era civilization and energy system bad, the written phrasing around it is bad too. We are living a bad hook and the song surrounding it is poorly written. We need a re-write!

Will you join me with living in a united nation of free energy for the people? Will you join me in the Age of Enlightenment? Thank you for reading.

My unedited hook for this letter!:

Thought: You work for energy, where as, in ancient society's energy was free.

More about me:😃

Personality/background: I am a very laid back and easy going person, but I can be serious when I need to be. I have reached a lot of milestones in my life although I still do have more to go. I believe life is about good health and fun. The rest of the things and details can always wait. I live my life the way I want to. I do not follow the crowds or buy in to certain ways of thinking I don't agree with. I am what I am! I have a deep love for people. And I am very sincere. I'm good at reacting to times of crisis. It runs in my family. I love my momma. And my dad inspires me.

Fun stuff: I have a deep passion for water sports and boating. I have a deep passion for anything with a motor pretty much. I see them as art forms rather than status symbols or a reflection of wealth. Otherwise, I pretty much indulge or have indulged in just about everything that is fun, relaxing, or enjoyable. The only thing I won't do is skydive or bungie jump (update: I would gladly do both if my life or someone else's life depended on it) lol. Just something about it that doesn't entice me. I'd rather climb Mt. Everest or K2. I like real adventure if I'm going to do something potentially dangerous, I take it to the extreme. I don’t need cheap thrills to make me feel alive which is probably why I’m not a big fan of horror movies. But there’s another side of me.

Creative side: I do have a rockstar/rapstar mentality in a very classy, business way. I grew up in hip hop music, but I have had 2 number one songs as a writer on the PowerSource country chart. I have toured with and opened for multiple well known artists in hip hop and country. I am an authentic artist. I appreciate living out my craft, creating memories within it, rather than just being a fame seeker. It is a giant part of my life, but does not consume all of it.

How I make a living: Both of my parents are successful in real estate; therefore, recently, I have transitioned out of the auto brokerage and stock trading industries into real estate. I opened up my own brokerage called Rockstar Life Realty, we are partnered with Keller Williams International. I am throughly enjoying it.

Last but not least, I am looking for a relationship, and I'm looking for someone who is confident in themselves who is also looking for the same thing. Oh, and I love my dog Charlie Biscuit🐶.


P.S. Insta📸: tysonbowmanmusic Snap: tysonbowman
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