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Good friends, new ones, spiritual curiosity, family time, scratch cooking, concerts, road trips, bonfires, nature hikes, Kauai, lake time, gravel biking, soccer, and uke sunsets. Oh, and Living the Good News: Gratitude, Generosity, Love, Grace, Mercy an
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I want to be the kind of person who does the right thing. And I don’t just mean the big things, where right and wrong are obvious and easy, but I mean the small, subtle, unnoticed things. You know, the things you do when no one is watching, because it’s so easy to let those small things just slip away. But, it’s those endless choices that shape us into who we are, shape us into Disciples.
In Jesus time Disciples were students of a Rabbi. But the disciples were also something far deeper. A Disciple not only knew what the Rabbi knows, but he also wanted to be like the Rabbi, and wanted learn to do what the Rabbi does. Different Rabbi's had different sets of interpretations about how they lived out, and understood, and interpreted the scriptures. This was their Yoke. So the Disciples would take on the 'Yoke' of their Rabbi.
All of this has huge implications for me about interpreting scripture. For instance, In Matthew 14 you have this boat full of anybody’s. The winds blowing and the water is choppy. And they’re terrified because Jesus comes WALKING ACROSS THE WATER and they probably think he’s a ghost. And you have Peter who says, “if it’s you, then tell me to come to you.” Now, why is this Peter’s first reaction? Why is his first response to want to walk on water? Because he’s a Disciple. Because he wants to do as his Rabbi does. He’s oriented his whole life to being like his Rabbi. So his first reaction is “I want to walk on water too. I want to be like my Rabbi.“ So he gets out of the boat and he begins walking on water, but he starts to sink and he yells out, “Jesus, save me.”
And the text reads Jesus reached out and caught him and Jesus said, “You of little faith. Why did you doubt.” Now, I always assume that Peter doubts Jesus. But Jesus isn’t sinking. Who does Peter doubt. He doubts himself. He loses faith in himself, that he could actually be like his Rabbi. I mean, Jesus wouldn’t have called him if he didn’t think he could be like him. In fact, Jesus reminds his Disciples of this when he says, “You didn’t choose me, I chose you.” The Rabbi doesn’t choose you unless the Rabbi thinks you can do as he does, that you can be like him.
I mean all my life I have heard of people believing in God. But God believes in us, in you, in me. Jesus has faith in us. He must. He leaves it all in the hands of his Disciples. What’s the last thing he says to us. He says go and make more Disciples. What if we can actually be the kind of people God created us to be. The kind of people who actually live like Jesus lived. Who take action because we are aware of all of these opportunities around us for Good, for Beauty, for Truth. Jesus actually believes it, he believes in Us.’
A prayer,
‘May you believe in God. And May you come to see that God believes in you.‘
‘May you have faith in Jesus. But may you come to see that Jesus has faith that you can be like him. A person of love and compassion and truth. A person of forgiveness and peace and grace and joy and hope.’
- Rob Bell
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Coffee, music, laughs, and heart felt conversation.

“God why don’t you do something?"
He said "I did. I created you."
- Matthew West, Do Something
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