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Semper Fi....MARINES....I believe in being faithful and honest ...this is at the core of Who I am

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Honesty127 is Single in Naples, Florida, 1 Honesty127 is Single in Naples, Florida, 2 Honesty127 is Single in Naples, Florida, 3 Honesty127 is Single in Naples, Florida, 4
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If I can just be myself… I love to be goofy and just have fun… I’ve learned that anything can be fun with the right person… But I love being on the Prairie pheasant hunting… And I love to golf with my sons …
About Me
First of all I’m looking for the sweet Woman to share my life with. I believe that I have a gentle spirit and I will always be faithful and true. These are attributes that are hard to find these days. Although my faith is not perfect it is the core of the path that I’m trying to live. I am conservative by nature and extremely PRO LIFE.. I believe in the right to life for the most innocent lives of all… The unborn baby… That have no voice ...I have been single for many years raising my children alone and now they are grown up and I long for the companionship and love of a sweet and godly woman. No one is perfect and we have all made mistakes… But I want a woman that knows the triangle of marriage… God first ...your spouse second… And then your family. Anyone that does not have that order... has got it Out of order. My promise to the woman that God gives me… Is undying faithfulness and loyalty. I was in the Marine Corps so I know about loyalty and faithfulness. I was wounded in Vietnam and willing to die for my country… I would be willing to die to defend my wife and my family...
In my heading I use the words ...SEMPER FI.... It is the Marine Corps motto… It is Latin… It means...ALWAYS FAITHFUL...My prayer is that God will bring me a special sweet woman very soon. I want you to know that age difference is not that important… It’s who you are and where is your heart... that truly matters.... I believe in living a simple life… I’m not caught up in money or things… What I want money can’t buy... I want a faithful wife, life partner, to fill the empty part of my life.... Faithfully and forever..… One final thing… I’m just a country boy… Simple and Down to earth… I am not rich… So if you’re looking for somebody with money… I’m not that person… but if you want somebody faithful and loyal… I believe I would be that man
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I have not dated in many years as I was a single dad raising my children alone. As I said in my caption anything is fun and special… If you’re with that someone... that is special. If you are that special one… Whatever you would like to do... Would be good with me… Take care… With love… And blessings

This is not a Christian song… But it’s one of my favorites… I sing it all the time …The way that it should be… The way that marriage should be….With all my heart… the way I want it to be…even though I didn’t achieve it…..LONG LINE OF LOVE… By Michael Martin Murphey… Listen to this song tell me what you think!
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