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First thing is first, I do plan on going into ministry as God has called me and I need a lady that is ready for that life, so if that is a deal breaker, then I am not your guy. Jesus is my life, though I am not perfect, nor am I near where I need to be, I have no desire staying where I am at. I do believe in Miracles in Jesus's name, casting out demons and laying on hands. I believe in speaking in tongues, I believe in the fire of God and I have felt his power in my own life countless times. I love deep theological conversations and I feel I can always learn something from said conversations. My hearts desire is to find that one that will stand with me through thick and thin, to help motivate, pray and fast together, study together, to talk and laugh together. The important part is not perfection, but the desire of perfection through the holy spirit.

A little bit more about me. I have a huge sense of humor, which means I can take a joke and dish one out as well and can tend to be a bit sarcastic (all in good fun), however I will get serious if the need arises. I love to have a smile on my face, but every so often I do have "one of those days". As far as food goes, I love Italian, Mexican, and good ole American cooking, mostly burgers, hotdogs, pizza and southern coking. I love to cook and love to experiment in the kitchen with different flavors.

I was born in California, raised in Arizona, and ended up here in Georgia.
My favorite pastors to listen to are Chris Durso and Shane Idleman.

I am extremely passionate about helping others and if God tells me to give, I will give, if he tells me not to, I won't, just have to listen to his voice. I love most types of music as long as it is Christian or if its an instrumental piece, like classical or dub-step, lo-fi. If you want to know more, please feel free to ask :) God Bless.

P.S. I do not have any intent on moving out of state since I just bought a house. This is where God has called me, this is where I am staying, if you live in another state that's fine with me, but Georgia is my home for now.

I will fill this out more as I fill led to.
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Anything other than a movie and dinner. Something public, maybe a walk in the park or something like that, just something we are both comfortable with.
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