Older man looking to start a family with a Christian woman.

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I am not religious. I am a Christian.
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horses, scuba diving, flying, traveling, hiking, pumping iron, I like my home life, studying scripture, playing guitar, studying foreign languages, biking, kayaking
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I am divorced and am looking for a Christian woman who is a Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio, or Virgo. I have dated a couple of women since my divorce and am tired of wasting my time. I was married to someone who did not want to have children and thought I could live with that. I am seeking a woman who believes in the scripture and how a family should be structured.

The perfect match for me is a woman who takes care of herself. She does not have to be a bodybuilder, been there done that. But she likes to workout and eat well. I have been a body builder mostly on, but sometimes off since I was 19. I do get a bit large around the mid section from time to time, but do know how to trim down when I get it in my mind to do so. I am not a competitive body builder by any stretch of the imagination, except in my head. The woman who would win my heart is one who is not afraid of romance or getting spoiled rotten. I believe the husband should be courting his wife for the rest of his life. Courtship and romance is not just something a man does to win his wife's hand. It is something he does to keep her hand. The man's primary function when it comes to his wife is to make her happy. I believe the most important job that anyone on earth can have is that of raising my children.

I would also like a woman who is what many people consider awake. This woman might know who Q is, the truth about many things like paying income tax, and other lies perpetrated by government actors, that are being brought down now.

I am currently enrolled in a Bible institute and intend to go into the ministry. I am looking for a strong woman who believes in standing by and supporting her husband in his endeavors to support her family. My wife will know that God and my Lord are always first in my life, but she will always be more important than anyone else. I am looking to start a family and want to do that before I am too old to do so.

I am not opposed to finding someone with a child, but I have expectations with step children. I believe that a step child should be treated no differently than children fathered by a man. So, if I marry someone who has a child, I expect to be his/her daddy. I would not tolerate different rules for my step child than any children I father. The ideal situation would be one in which I could adopt the child because his natural father is not in the picture.

My ideal candidate would have long hair, because long hair is the "glory unto the woman." She should be fairly laid back, not prone to hurry, because almost every mistake people make is while in a hurry.

As I said earlier, I am enrolled in a Bible institute and am also studying Spanish, Greek and Arabic. I intend to also learn Hebrew, Italian, and whatever other language might interest me, like German and Russian. I have wanted for years to learn multiple foreign languages and intend to do so. It would be fun to meet someone who would do that with me, because we could practice together.
First Date
I would probably just do dinner on a first date although I do like dinner and a movie. I think the first date should be a time to talk and get to know each other and the 2nd can be for doing something fun. Although, I would not be opposed to whupping my date at bowling or putt putt golf if she thinks she can handle the competition.
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