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Although I've done many things outside of 'Home'... Home and 'caretaking of others' has true value to me as a life well-lived.
Country life, target shooting, animals, gardening, a peaceful life. I'm not into loud crowds, sports, tv, or traveling... I am truly, a quiet woman and I prefer life to be the same.
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8/29/21 The World will always tell you one thing, while the Spirit will tell you another... (if one be willing to listen)... choose,... with determined thought,... to know you are not alone... "Behold, I stand at the door, and : if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me." Rev 3:20 KJV
An offer of precious fellowship,... not in the hustle and bustle of crowds and congregations, but in the quiet comfort of places familiar... open the door, when you hear his call... he waits for you to invite him in... you need not be alone.

Hello again, well its been a while since l've been on CDFF. My long silence has been due to my computer being hacked and so l had not been on my computer, or CDFF since. But as we head again towards winter, l find the idea of visiting with others, on my mind...

You know.... If we were able to 'sift' the wheat from the chaff... what would that look like in regards to this particular venue? I am not interested in playing silly games... not interested in marrying anyone at this point... just wondering if there is ANYONE who might have the ability to have a sincere conversation about most anything where there is no pressure to 'perform' OR 'conform' to the idea of some STANDARD of judgment... Be who you are... if someone buys into something you're are struggling to be, but really aren't, why would you expect it to bring any real value to your moments together? it's not YOU... How could you then expect them to value WHO YOU ARE? Don't worry about 'putting your best foot forward' because the foot that's 'not so good' will have to come into view if you actually want to 'move forward'... Otherwise you are left standing on one foot... and that doesn't work for very long.
Love who you are and give place to the hopes of who you still desire to grow into... because bumps, bruises and brokenness is part of the reason, I suspect, that we are all here on this site... but it's okay - perfection needs no mirror yet the greatest evidence of another's love is when we 'see ourselves' in, and through, another's eyes...
Be gentle with yourself and others... a lot of time is wasted on things that seem to matter today but may not matter tomorrow - this breath you have in this moment is all you can know to be truly yours, make it count for something you would be proud of if it were your last.
So know you are loved even when it does not feel like it... Sometimes LOVE has more to do with 'what we KNOW'... far more than 'what we FEEL'... so hang in there... It's far more painful to be lonely 'with someone', than to be lonely 'alone'... but a lot of us know that already.... Good luck in your efforts, if those efforts be to 'do good'...

9/9/20 A meandering of thought: When I was young, I use to think the city was 'too busy'... I liked people, but life seemed 'too busy'... I guess because anytime you interact with others, most of the time everyone is 'doing something'. Now it seems people are not 'nice' any longer... It's as though so many have a chip on their shoulder... it's strange to me that people use to look for a reason to believe the best about another person, and now it's as though it's the total opposite... like they are looking for a reason to think the worst. Odd too, people don't seem nearly as 'busy' as they use to be - well not in the same way... or for the same reasons. Now people are busy on their electronics and being 'soccer moms' and racing around searching for what has morphed into 'The American Dream'... from my point of view (from the outside looking in), I find nothing really appealing about what now seems to be 'the dream'... I just want to live a simple life but I don't think others who are competitive, like that idea. And seeing that I am not competitive, in that I guess I don't have that 'inner push' to excel past another person in having a newer car, or a bigger house, or longer finger nails... (LOL) people don't find it easy to 'impress me'... and it's really odd how that irritates people... LOL... It's almost as though they have worked hard, and given up such a large amount of their 'life' to get something with one of the major underlying reasons seeming to be to impress others - I guess with the hope of feeling good when someone is 'envious' of what they have... I think that is sad. I guess what I am meandering along in my thoughts about is that I just don't fit in. And I don't mind that at all... but I don't understand why that makes another person the focus of others energy to make someone 'fit in' when they really don't have a desire to... I think such people feed off of other's 'desire' to have what they have... especially if they cannot obtain such things for themselves... So covetous people really meet that need of those people who work so hard all their lives to make others want what they have... In the end, I don't think those who live happily satisfied, with relatively little in life, are the ones who are at a loss of understanding what is truly valuable... and are far less 'empty' within themselves, than those whose lives are 'filled' with so much...

As far as age and friendship, l have had an amazing age range of friends throughout my entire life... Age is a silly thing to build a fence out of if it defines the boundaries between who can, and cannot, have real and lasting value in our lives. I wonder why it is so easy to potentially short change ourselves by self-imposed limitations that make no logical sense??? hmmm...

Even though I am not one to be in the mix of a lot of people in a socializing type of situation, I am interested in creating community with another... or others... We as a society, have replaced the sense of community with something that seems to isolate us somehow. So many people seem to fill their hours in ways that leaves them 'vaguely empty' at the end of the day... I want moments that are 'real'... I want my time to count for something...

In thinking about things that I might want to add for those who are looking at my profile to consider whether you'd like to talk with me or not, there are a couple of things I want to make known right up front. If you are an abusive person of ANY KIND, do not bother contacting me. That includes Physical, Sexual, Emotional, and/or Psychological... Whether that abuse is directed towards animals... children... or women... that includes shoving and 'chest bumping'. If you have issues with drugs, alcohol or pornography - don't even bother reading any further down the page. The best I can do is to encourage you to seek qualified help and support from others who might help you overcome your problems.

Well... my profile is a work in progress - much like me... but for now, here's something, which is, I guess, far better than nothing...

I enjoy studying most any subject since I love learning about different things, I especially enjoy studying the Bible. Also cooking, baking, gardening, as l really desire a simple, back-to-basics (you can interpret that as: 'back to what is real, solid and comforting in life, and truly important.' : ) homestead lifestyle. I have absolutely no desire to travel. I am a true 'home body' and enjoy making a home and tending to life from that vantage point.
I have absolutely no problem getting my hands dirty. Whether gardening, landscaping, or cleaning out the chicken coop or horse barn. But I am a very clean person in regards to my home and life. If a person has animals, (inside or out), they should be properly tended to.
A home should look like someone actually cares about it. Messes and clutter happen - it's a part of an active home life and living. But keeping a home happily functional requires diligence in 'keeping it pleasantly comfortable, comforting, and welcoming'. ie. Running smoothly...
The haphazard accumulation of unusable objects piled up outside with no visible evidence of value to anyone but the weeds growing around it is not something I can find pleasure in looking at and calling 'home'.
I would like to spend my days in productive ways. I am not a couch potato by any stretch of the imagination... although I do like to read but finding things worth reading is getting more difficult... LOL
I do not own a tv. I do use the internet if I want to search out something. I am into a holistic lifestyle and desire to live in harmony with a peaceable life and those around me, as far as it is possible.
I believe in having adult, topic-focused discussions if there is a problem rather than childish outbursts and temper tantrum antics to divert the conversation from the real issues needing to be resolved. I refuse to 'fight' or even 'argue'... I don't think things get resolved by allowing emotions to dictate what is said or done. I take very seriously the concept of treating others how you would hope to be treated,... but honestly, I haven't known of very many people who are willing to put the effort into doing that. Its human nature NOT to love one's enemy... So the first contrariness you have to wrestle with is your own... in not wanting to go the extra mile... to give them 'space'... (which sometimes is simply that space of silence from you - in not lashing out or 'giving as good as you're getting' - ouch...) Silence in an argument is only painful to the one who is not speaking... if the silence is being filled with words meant to hurt - but two wrongs don't make a right - unless you're making a bunch of left turns, then you might get to where you actually want to go, eventually...
I am thinking that I would like to find someone who has some land that would like to share life as friends and companions while working towards a goal of self-suffiency and a simple, quiet life... as far as the world will permit.
'In some ways, the signs of having lived a good life is that at the end of it, you might look back and see others hoping to follow in your footsteps.'
(So consider planning the rest of your life's journey with those ones who may follow, in mind... It may be the most important part of what will be YOUR Legacy.) Love to all... and have a beautiful day.
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