Hey! Who stole my white picket fence?

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Salt n Pepper
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East 91st Street Christian Church
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Every week
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Christian Reformed
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No way
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Business Analyst
My Awesome Kids, Church, Reading, Books, Hiking, Colorado, Georgia, Florida, Beaches, Motorcycles, Boating, Eschatology, Adventurous dining, State Parks, Road trips, The Dunes, Camping, Gardening, Bicycling, Personal study
About Me
It’s funny how awkward this feels writing a personal bio for the world to see, but life is short and nothing ventured, nothing gained. Looking through some of these profiles I just have to wonder about some of the backgrounds....just a helpful pointer, have you considered cropping out the toilet or the crazy messy room behind you? :)

Okay here is some personal information:
• I am a Christian, my spiritual walk is very important to me.
• Two girls (12 and 18) that I absolutely adore.
• Good job with the same employer for the last 19 years.
• Educated - Four-year Christian University for my bachelor’s and a good state school for my masters.
• I enjoy doing projects on my own around the house, yard and car.
• I am not a drinker or smoker.
• Married for a very long time and never planned on entering the dating pool again. I have always been loyal, protective and cherish my friendships.
• I have the acquired the things that one would expect by this point in life; home, vehicles, etc. but while these things are important, they are just things. It is important to me to live below my income level; I am dedicated to saving, and carry no debt other than the mortgage.
• I have all of my teeth, hair…..well not so much any more…..
• On the Myers-Briggs test I consistently come out as an INTJ.

At this point in my life, I honestly enjoy some alone time, but at times I find myself wanting to share it with someone. I am pretty much a “what you see is what you get” kind of person. I attempt to always “speak the truth” but “speak it in love”.

Favorite Quotes: “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose” Jim Elliot
First Date
First Meeting - Dinner and a good conversation beats a movie any day.
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