His Grace makes me who I am !!! 🙏 Jesus i proclaim your majesty

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a girl who wants a very kind ,gentle, devoted man.. and will show you a love only from heaven itself.. i wanna be able to share the trueness of love that God intended it to be.. Jesus is my life its his will not mine, but in saying that i hope to share wi
About Me
I'm Kenny im 29, from Colorado in the United states... lets me start by saying I'm not fake im real !! and im a very wonderful guy so by saying that let me introduce you to my World , I got that type that you've never seen before , ill have you wanting more !!=] I absolutely hate when guys say their plenty of fish in the sea to me thats stupid , girls should not be looked at like that, its more like there are plenty of roses in gods garden , roses are my favorite flower and it symbolizes something to me, women are roses because to me what happens when you mis treat roses or flowers for that matter they shrivle up and die, but if you water it and treat it right it will blossom in the most beautiful thing ever ❤.. 🌹🌹.. and for that girls deserve nothing less... so get to know me because you may be surprised what youll see with me... i will respect you and I will not mis treat you!! my heart is the heart of pure love!!! i wanna show you God is alive and living well in me =] " there's no doubt when I feel your love , call me crazy and out of touch but I know it's from above Never saw you coming stopping me in my tracks keeping me from the long way down doesn't matter how many times I've tried , there could only be one single reason why sooooo TELLL ME..... DO MIRACLES just happen like that , happen like that , happen like that , you can say the Stars align but I know its more than just that " its more than timing It's heaven above 🙏 !!! Truth is what separates me from other men is the fact i take treating a girl right seriously, I want to live for her in her eyes !! Lord jesus has showed me and given me a gift and thats the blessing of knowing the way god intended True love to be, and I cant wait to show that ONE ... THAT MEANING!!!.. MY vow and promise to her is im gonna make her feel truly special, the love I have in my heart is beyond anything you have seen.. IM NOT HERE FOR GAMES I WANT MY QUEEN!!! SO I CHALLENGE YOU IF YOU WANT A MAN WHO WILL RESPECT YOU BUT AT THE SAME TIME SHOW YOU OFF PROUDLY GET TO KNOW ME ... ✝️
First Date
I Wanna Take That One Special Girl Out On A Memorable Date.. I Dont Wanna Give To Much Away Because I Love To Suprise A Girl..but The Perfect Date Is Either Watching The Sunset Or Sunrise . And Theirs Alot More To That But Thats My Secret!! For You To Find Out..
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