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I'm forced to write this as I have had a lot of communication recently from people that are "separated". I believe 100% in God's Word, with pretty much no "grey area". Matthew 5:32 Jesus made this subject very clear regarding marriage and divorce. And thankfully, I myself DO fall into the category of being able to remarry as per Jesus' word. That said, if this is a problem for you I suggest you take it up with God and not me. Either way, I'm the wrong man for you. I believe in the Ephesians 5 description of marriage. If this works for you, keep reading.

Just moved to the Gold Coast via Melbourne. So it's all new to me. I have a beautiful 25 year old daughter that lives with me while she attends college and I am blessed to have such a good relationship with her. I have my own small business doing media production and I love what I do.

While this shows you nothing about my character, I think to pinpoint anyone's character in a little box is impossible. Being honest, with my "Americanisms" (Yes I'm from the USA) I might be difficult to understand or to truly know. I'm complex with deep thoughts and a solid moral compass. Uncompromising in certain areas, and willing to break the rules in others. I might seem arrogant (confident) in some situations, and yet humble in others. You won't get to know me in just a few conversations, but I don't expect to get to know you either.. it takes quality time, and honesty, and letting one's guard down. I have a solid foundation in Jesus, and this is one of those areas that, for me, I do not compromise. I am a Bible believing Christian and I have a tremendous compassion for a sinful world. I love working with ministries as my occupation is unique and brings a skillset many don't have.

I love adventure and exploring new areas and experiences... even recently bought a motorcycle to explore Australia differently. I enjoy good and deep conversations and I want to be challenged... but I can be quirky and loud and just a riot to be around. Non-negotiable things are cheating and lying. This is black and white for me and no amount of reasoning will make this acceptable. So be honest with yourself and be honest with me, and move on down the road if this is you. "I've changed" is unacceptable.

I would like to find a "best friend" and someone I have tremendouns chemistry with. A true Bible believer. I accept flaws and encourage you to be real with me, just as I would be with you. Trust, and honor, and respect are earned. And while I know I am rigid in these expectations, these words will also resonate with the right person for me.
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Cafe or something where we can just get to know each other better and see if we have chemistry. No pressure.
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