“Looking for a fellow religious extremist” lol jk.
Catholic in Downtown Salt Lake UT. I won’t

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About myself- I..:

Have just moved to Salt Lake City, UT. Currently living and working in downtown for an investment bank. Would be willing to permanently settle in or move within the US.

Grew up in the countryside in Worcestershire, England (it’s where the sauce is made😉), have lived in cities since going to university, though am interested in moving back to the countryside after meeting someone special.

Converted to Catholicism in the summer of 2018, having grown up in a loving but non-religious household. I am very close to my family, and get on very well with all of them. My spiritual journey has continued to grow since, and my faith has grown and become my rock. I am grateful to God for drawing me to Him.

About my faith- I..:
Go to church at least once a week, and try to get to church during the week when I have time.

Have an active prayer life, say morning + evening prayer and read my Bible each day.

Help manage an organisation called “Catholic Man UK”. It aims to promote authentic masculinity based on faith and virtue, given their view that modern masculinity is in crisis.

On the topic of virtues, I have done a lot of volunteer work (e.g. at Pro Life events, with my parish scout group, at a homeless shelter, etc.); I exercise regularly both for strength and stamina; and actively make an effort to build useful skills e.g. I have done a fair amount of DIY (an example of a big project was that I helped build a barn), I am an accountant and help others including my family with managing finances, I do mentoring for younger colleagues.

As a general mindset, I want to spend my time in a way that is loving towards God, my future Wife and family, and my existing friends and family. To me this involves avoiding sin (I don’t commit mortal sins), building useful skills to fulfil my roles at current and in the future (such as being a husband and father, God willing, and potentially breadwinner), actively being virtuous such as demonstrating the Christian virtues, and doing well at work but for the right reasons.

Want to do what I can to support the pro life cause. I’m actually writing a book about this topic- let me know if you’re interested.. :-)

What I’m looking for:
A God fearing woman who is open to marriage and having children. Beyond that, I am open minded within reason. Faith and family are very important to me- think it would be best for this to be mutual. I recognise that it doesn’t make sense to rush things, though I’m at a stage where I’m ready to settle down (I have a stable job, a house, and feel ready to fully commit in a loving and meaningful way after finding the right woman), so don’t want to waste your time if you’re not interested in marriage. That said, I am up for adventures / holidays and would be open to being the breadwinner if that’s mutually desired (e.g. to support home schooling), so settling down doesn’t mean not going on adventures.

Someone who doesn’t consider themselves a ‘progressive’ in the modern sense of the word. I’d like to think that I am not backwards or unreasonable. I am quite traditional in my beliefs, and want to stand up for the Truth of God’s word.

Somebody that’s genuine, enjoys life and having a laugh. I am quite upbeat about life and would love to share activities with a loved one such as cooking, outdoors activities like walking / hiking / biking, and going to church.

Somebody that is interested in getting to know each other with marriage in mind but in a chaste way. I’m chaste, am not into porn, and am not interested in pre-marital sex. I respect the dignity of women and don’t want to deprive anybody of their innocence. I’m also completely opposed to all forms of domestic abuse.
First Date
I’m open minded, though drinks on first date is not my style. Maybe meet after church and go for a tea or coffee?
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