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I am a very direct and honest person which some might mistake as being rude, quite the contrary as I believe it is part of showing respect. I say this both because I am describing myself here in this posting and for those I potentially will come to meet. I believe in saying exactly what I mean and mean exactly what I say. I don't like guessing games (unless it is playful fun). I am very honest and do not "BS" around. I do not tolerate lies. If we have a plan to get together and you realize that you already had a get together with a friend, family or colleague, be honest with me, (an actual incident from an ex) I will understand. I am not a time waster (unless it is intentional). I am open minded about most issues but sealed and shut minded on a few. I am on the political spectrum leaning conservative by roughly 85% - 90%. I believe responsibility comes before fun and games... not that entertainment is a bad thing, but it must be sporadic. Eating out is a nice weekly treat but eating at home has it's advantages as well. I am moderately fluent in the financial industry (i.e. banking, stocks, bonds, loans, etc.) as well as moderately knowledgeable in the construction trade, though I don't work in either of those industries for a living. I do work very hard at my regular job and fill in at my previous job when needed. Paying off my mortgage is a number one goal at this point in my life. As of now, my weekends are free but I typically spend it at home as there is a lot of housework and yard work to do but do take a weekend to travel outside the state at least once every Spring, Summer and Autumn. Material things don't really mean that much to me, I'd rather visit places instead. I enjoy music from hard rock to country to classical... both of the religious variety and non-religious variety (but not vulgar in nature). In closing, I live a very modest life and looking for someone who realizes that working towards goals, always moving forward, never stay stationary and take life for everything the good Lord gives us.
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Classic dinner and theatre
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