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Learning, nature, minimalism, travel, sustainability, indigineous cultures, Japanese engineering, music(80's pop,90's metal, smooth jazz & then some), Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Fitness: weight training; jump rope; running, Mucusless diet.
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Please don't bother sending me messages if you are stuck up or/and if you cannot hold a decent fun mature conversation.

This profile isn't meant for 99% of the single, genuine ladies on this website:) I'm saving you your time by saying this upfront- do not waste your time contacting me if you aren't open minded, cannot learn anything new, accept everything you have been taught and do not seek to find your own true Self.

Essence is important, Depth is the deciding factor, Emotional Intelligence is gold.
As far as I am concerned its has got to be Function over Form and not vice-versa which most people are caught up- that's right caught up. Caught up survival mode, chasing pipe dreams and mirages. Most modernized societies emulating the West from its diet, education,medication to its oligarchy corporatocracy. We live on a living sentient planet with finite resources, all that stuff we consume has someone paying for it with their lives. Zero sum game ponzinomics:)
And just so that you know, you get this Function over Form from a good looking guy so its not a self-marketing line.

You are only going to appreciate someone like me if you dig a man who is more concerned about family than checking himself out in the mirror hundred times a day.
You are only going to appreciate someone like me if you eat healthy, organic;fresh produce, constantly scanning the ingredient list of anything process to check for nasties.
You are only going to appreciate someone like me if you can think for yourself, are pro-life; open minded and find learning something new fun.
You are only going to appreciate someone like me if you appreciate a guy who is cheeky; always up to mischief, who has learn the hard way to accept his roots and the wisdom of his ancestors, is more or less comfortable being himself, isn't afraid to do what is right even if it means going against the grain and walking alone.
You are only going to appreciate someone like me if you have a vision for your life and aren't chasing pipe dreams, if you plan of being financially independent and of some use to this beautiful Planet.
You are only going to appreciate someone like me if you love all things in Nature and would like to settle down, living off of the land, home schooling your own children and working towards empowering others being(not just humans) to have a better life.

90% of these run of the mill profiles just make me yawn. The world of useless eaters- they have no desire to know and understand themselves or the world they find themselves in. Just cattle here to sustain the evil creation of others. Isn't it said "Where there is no vision, the people perish?" When are you going to find your true north and stop being a zombie living out your life projecting vicarious experiences? And isn't it said "my people suffer for lack of knowledge" Then why does believing become more accepting than knowing? Knowing is the only way to overcome ignorance. BTW useless eaters is a term coined by the elite of this world not me:) Save me the palaver and the bashing.

PS: Respect and trust are earned.
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