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Hi, I'm Georgina, I'm 32 and live in North East England. I'm a chatty, outgoing individual who loves spending time with people and forming close friendships. My strongest attribute is my enjoyment in listening to others, I like to invest in relationships and I believe that empathy and compassion are very important. Having fun and light-hearted experiences are great - but I'd like to meet someone who knows when to take matters seriously. Someone who has self-insight, knows their weaknesses, humble and loving

I think I can be accurate when I say that one's journey of faith is never straight and narrow, there are twist and turns and struggles. I came to accept Christ personally when I went to university in Durham and made friends in my accommodation- they invited me to the local church. Yes I had wandered from growing up in the faith through various life experiences and I'm pleased to say at that point I had found a home in the church once again. I've moved around since then, and now settled in a local church in Stockton-on-Tees.
Faith gives me hope and assurance in what God has accomplished in my life, carried me through and enables me to trust in what he will do in the future.

Life and Work
I've lived in the North East for all my life but have friends and family who live across different cities in the UK. I'm living in my first home in Middlesbrough which I bought in April 2019 and is currently being shared with a cat, who runs the place by her own rules :) I currently work for the NHS and am completing a 2 year programme to become an accredited Pharmacy Technician (aka a legitimate drug dealer :P)

Anything to do with science - I find particularly interesting. I have previously worked as a pharmaceutical scientist. Although my new role doesn't draw on much knowledge from my chemistry degree, I am now working with medicines at the end of their journey with patients. It's a fascinating job. If I could turn back the clock I perhaps would have studied Pharmacy?!

I enjoy building exercise into my daily routine where possible! Making and drinking smoothies!
Hobbies wise - I have a particular interest in drawing/ sketching (pencil), reading and singing. I am planning to rejoin a local choir, since this does wonders for the soul

Don't watch very much on live TV these days - it's predominantly Netflix and Amazon Prime that has my vote!
My most favourite shows/series would have to include:
This is Us, Bodies, The Surgeons cut, Casualty - (you may be sensing a medical theme here! ) Inside no 9, The last weekend, The Stranger, Safe, 24 (anything starring Keifer Sutherland!)

Romantic comedies go without saying! But my top few?:
The notebook, P.S I love you, Titanic, Dirty Dancing, Pride and Prejudice (plenty of comedies) ----too many to list here! I'll keep adding to this as I find

Classic FM is the go to radio station most mornings
Coffitivity website? If you enjoy the sound of coffee shops when trying to do something productive or work on a computer, this background noise is great!
Old hyms - not a fan of repetitive modern worship music. I've burned a few CD's to listen to in the car with a range of classics - ask to find out more!
Dance (90's disco :P :P )
Soundtracks to musicals - such as cats, joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat

Most recent favourites are:
Hinds feet on high places
The Pilgrims' progress (currently reading)
Never let me go - could not put this down
I've read the Harry Potter series- albeit years ago!
Can't get into the Lord of the Rings, but admittedly haven't attempted to watch the films either
Focus magazines (science!)

Having a bath helps me to relax!
Headphones in, worship music on, contemplative thinking, silent prayer
Walking outside in good weather - I have a particular love for seeing birds in all their beautiful variety!

I would watch friends / family participating in sports that they are passionate about.
I cannot ice skate - but if there was a sport I'd like to be able to get into/master it would be ice hockey!
Swimming in the sea with a wetsuit!
Gym classes

Dream Holidays
I have visited Germany and France.
Holidays in this country which have been most memorable include Wales, Edinburgh, Cornwall and London
Portugal - The Algarve and Lisbon

Final Thoughts
Finally, if you're the sort of person who enjoys having in-depth, rich conversations which have meaning and significance, then I'd welcome hearing from you :)
Small talk is good to introduce and ok, but I'm looking to build something deeper.
I like a man who takes care in his appearance, is well mannered and treats people with respect- who is shaped by his love for God and saving relationship with Christ. Led by biblical principles. If you enjoy wearing shirts and have a beard then awesome! It's a look I really go for ;)
First Date
Being in the great outdoors, planning for good weather
Involving a beach and a pub
Sunset views!
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