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I am a sweet curvy overweight (extra to cuddle), loving and very feminine lady. I am looking to meet someone who is kind and accepting of others and all their amazing differences. We all have a story and have lived through life’s ups and downs. What we need are to find the people who will love us as we are and show caring and kindness.

I am hoping to meet the man I can’t stop thinking about when we aren’t together, someone who will be there when it matters with hugs and reassurance, who likes my company so will want to spend our time together and someone I can talk to and share things with. Pray with.

I have 2 teens/tweens still at home. They both struggle with anxiety at times and one identifies as nonbinary lgbtq. I just want to share that up front because being that this is a Christian site not everyone may feel the same love and acceptance as I do. And I’d rather us just be ourselves with all our amazing uniqueness and be able to care for each other’s families. We are a very accepting family and it is incorporated into our lives.

We love music theater, singing, watching movies, cooking, playing board games, exploring outside and nature, and enjoying fun times together. I am not as adventurous as my kids. My youngest just started cheering competitively and it has been fun to see her blossom and have confidence in herself as she makes friends and gets better at it. And a lot of fun to travel other nearby states and see new places for competitions. We are still in search of a church we want to call home here.

One of the hardest things for me as a Christian was when my teen came out we felt judged by our church family who we loved and were very involved with in so many aspects of ministry. Just because you are gay(my teen) or realize your child is gay doesn’t meant you stop loving ong the Lord or believing or that God stops loving you.
That is how I feel and believe.

God has taken me on many winding and rocky climbing journeys in life and I have always been faithful and known he is leading me on this journey so I can help comfort and bless and support someone else when his timing is right. I trust he is leading me in the right direction and staying faithful even when you feel alone, I wont give up on my faith.

We moved here to SC in summer of 2021 and our home of 18 years while covid was still very much a concern and we had been isolated from all our friends and family for so long.

Now that things have calmed down somewhat we are still lonely and wish we could feel like a complete family with a Mom and Dad and loving future to look forward to and to share life together.

My youngest daughter loves it here as she has made alot of friends doing cheer. But I am not sure we are going to stay in SC long term as we weren’t prepared for how hot and humid it really is or how bad/crazy the driving is. And we are melting and feeling depressed with the heat/humidity. We came from a smaller town area and a less stressful daily life so have been quite overwhelmed.

We did have strong reasons to relocate so it wasn’t just a whim. But for now this is where we call home so we are looking to embrace it. Everyone we have met so far has been very nice. It has been a pretty east state to homeschool in too.

With our country up in arms with each other, all the time over politics, the economy, the way it is, all the changes states are making for lgbtq youth, and still concerns over so many illnesses going around all the time I’d be happy eventually moving and living more rurally in the country or mountains or waterside with private land and just my family to love and spend time with most of the time. I love scenic, uncrowded places and small town living. I also can enjoy going to a bigger city to see a show or visit new areas.

I love the idea of enjoying life with my future husband and the companionship and romance we can have together. And I would love to be back north or a little northwest of here where it is not so hot and in an lgbtq and homeschool friendly state. Will difinitely visit the area first and do better research next time. Haha. I love a scenically beautiful area that is wonderful for taking long walks everyday.

In These times I long for now more than ever being able to find the man God has in mind for me. It’s lonely when you have to Isolate and trying to raise a family by yourself and make all the decisions and have all the worries as a parent with no one to share it with and no one to hug and spend your time with and give each other the love and encouragement that we all deserve. If this is going to stay the new normal I just think that everyone deserves to be able to find their companionship for their future at least that’s what I’d like for myself and find someone that mutually feels the same way.

Lastly I long for a church family to call home again with friends and fellowship of other believers who will love and accept us as we are. My kids are amazing. Warriors ! They have been through so much and have come through it still being loving and kind. And it has been painful to me after raising them in a loving Christian home all their lives and in the church to then not feel welcome at church or by other Christians when my kids are at a time in their life where they need that love and support the most.
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