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an UNmarried or widowed woman-why?dear divorced & separated 1s-Any Real man of God Knows ur tied 2 ur 1st husband until 1 of u dies-& he WONT oppose Gods Holy Word 1st Corinthians 7:8-17=Matthew 5:32=Jeremiah 3:14=Matthew 19:8=Acts 5:29=Malachi 2:16
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some women raised in homes without a God devoted father..or no father....have to learn later HOW to be a wife.....some..very few...raised with a father that taught her what GOD says about her virtue is her shine from inside based on her Love for God-her purpose and Love for self.. being the she should be honored and to Love to do more than cook in the kitchen and bedroom ( I Love to cook-in both rooms-can i get a Song of Solomon Amen?! ,May of '22 will make 7years celibate-by the way) if you are still learning that a wife & virtuous woman Loves God more than her own life and she can trust God and what God is doing inside of the man-even as a Friend-then the necessaries are to be found by a man Worthy of practicing your femeninity-the nurturing power of Eve= to be agreeable-inspirational-the encouraging neck that holds the head be my babygirl for the daddy in me & my mami too-for the little boy in me-THATS YOUR POWER,OH Woman...please dont approach me if you oppose 1st Corinthians 11:8-9..honey..if your idea of COmmunication is arguing or talking Over me, if you resent or resemble masculinity..if you use Anything outside of your mind and nurturing to get a man..if you intentionally oppose Gods Word-dont waste either of our time..***unless you really wana grow past the past..then i will hold your hand during the healing process-just be honest about your need to heal-other than that.. i promise i'll never use your shortcomings against you-looks arent that important to me.i will wash your feet and i will defend you..protect your diary...give my life like Christ gave the 1st adam chose to die for her instead of knowing this life without her...can you be taught?..can you be led? do you know Him enuf to see His Spirit in me? and THAT is why sarah called abraham lowecase 'lord'....or have you been so hurt that you cringe at the Thought of submitting to a man that way-but have NO problem calling that total stranger that takes your $ every month the "land-lord" talk.
First Date
I know it sounds corny..but im a romantic warrior-unashamedly...the Perfect 1st date would be somewhere we could look into eachothers eyes and be honest without fear of shame-somewhere we can learn eachothers smile-and the violinist i already slipped a benjamin to, comes out velvet smooth..and i sing India Arie " I am readyyyyy forr Looooove..." to you infront of everyone-and in the middle of all the "awwww"s..while they clap cuz i get on my knees-pretending to propose...i pull outta my inner pocket a kiddin....a white symbolize how long i been saving myself in honor-for you...then i take your hand and we go for a walk and i tell you that your apricot honey suckle perfume gotchyou smellin better than my granmaws cookin'! but before i can bite your neck- a snake bites you and i use my mouth to get the poison out to save your life-then...i punch up tim mcgraws song "my best friend" on my fones youtube ..strokin' your dredds or silky hair back outta your eyes- i ask you..right there in the recovery room of the hospital..."will you let me Always and in ALL ways,take care of you..will you be my wife?"...slobbering and numb from the smerk a salivated "yeees" me....sometimes i think im funny.
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