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remember when just holding hands was a Thrill? youtube:India Arie "ReadyForLove"

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A Marriage Partner
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John 17:20-23.
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No answer
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Possibly, who knows
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Yes but they're grown
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meaningful conversation,purpose in God,camping/fishing,& in finding ONE sincere loving woman of God to look past physical & value my soul so we can bond where 'the last days' passion for God meets "little house on the prarie" values
About Me
that hard to find soul body and mind-Im a good thing..quiet strength...faithful...old school romantic...a one woman kind of man..candles & thunderstorms , I'll write my name on it. Im into the three "F's" =FAITH in God...the Love of FAMILY....and FUN - while we're young enuf to enjoy it. I believe in the balance between being serious to accomplish goals-and laffing till we need to run to the bathroom. I Love Deep. Im not here because I Lack Love.. Im here because Im Full of Love-I just need the right soil to plant in. *Im not into women that think like men.. or act like men.
First Date
it will always be that feeling ...the excitement of a first date...with most men the honeymoon will be over quickly and they will treat you like a bus ticket instead of the ride worth investing into-so the fun and adventure soon dies-but God teaches me how unselfish & new Real Love I know what you need. Im a man with a mind,a heart and plenty of passions gift on the shelf cuz Ive been single and celibate waiting for that woman that recognizes her home in me-so I dont chase dates or interview women trying to file and manage so many conversations..I just want One worth my focus- if you are genuine and about sincereity and real connection-if you prefer compassion over the image 'daters' hide behind...if you actually Like being a woman and like a man thats a Man..if you want to get and KEEP a real man for a husband, then bring kindness,nurturing,with love to GIVE-not only to take. Im a warm nest & a good place to land if your wings are tired..-but I reject spoiled bratts that manipulate dont have to be perfect...just be honest about who you are and where you need to grow.....thats all....1 Peter 4:8
"... above all things have fervent compassionate understanding based in mature Love among yourselves: for That kind of Love shall cover the multitude of sins." ......needle in a haystack....I know......but I know youre out there somewhere baby.....I'll find you.
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