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arts, photography, music, gardens, nature, camping, hiking. Visual artist/Photographer and musician. Also entered into ministry in my latter years.
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Young-at-heart optimistic, creative and imaginative type of individual. Seeking new friends, whom want to share their Faith with like minded individuals. Having fun and having a positive take on life is very essential for me personally.

My fav moto's are the best is yet to come and you're never too old. I hope that helps...

I can honestly sometimes say, 'Life is but a Dream'

God is the author of my love story, with Him. When,long ago, was married, that was also a love story. God is always creating love stories. If God wants, then I may find another love story for this chapter of our lives. If not, then making new friends is always awesome as well

I don't like games. Nor excessively worldly living etc. I don't have Time for anyone who doesn't treat people right. Or even know what Respect means.

Some people is aggressive here, I'm finding... I'm finding the 'block button' efficient for many purposes.

I think I'm a kind person, but if continues, I'll just delete my account (I don't frequent this space much anyhow).

The bible states 'love on another'... I just leave it at that.
First Date
I prefer to be surprised

(Pet Peeves): Going on a date and feeling like I'm on a job interview

I would probably have to travel for a 1st date, as where I live is small population. Which is the only reason I even signed up, because there's not many people to meet in small town! In fact, it was after a woman explained to me she and her sister never met marriage partners in the pace I live now, just due to a lack of eligible partners being a small town that propelled me to pray about it and sign up to online dating. However, I prefer to meet someone in person(organically), ideally.

I am not interested in internet and all its trappings...cell phones, instagram etc not for me... got tired of all of it some yrs ago....(approx.2018 to be precise..) I'm not the only too...many like me just got fed up with this spoon fed fake social media 'world'.... I have more time to pray, not worry how I look to others haha,more time to workout, more time,more time....

I actually do maintain LD relationships with friends,some decades now. But many of them even before me opted out of this social media lifestyle.

I'm just interested in meeting someone who is real. I have some sites for my businesses, ministries etc and that;s it... I closed my Facebook,instagram in around2017. I may spend more time on social media in the future, but only for ministry related things....

My idea of the worst date ever: Someone on their iphone the wholenight -D

LDRs -- Some yrs ago I had two long distance relationships. I don't mind them in the right context. Maybe in 2020, LDRs could be frightening though; I'm not sure...the world was alot different (and safer) 5 yrs ago, and earlier.

I had a LDR with a man in the USA and moved to the USA. Traveling is wonderful. I also had a LDR with a man in Barcelona. I did not move there long term. My cat at the time,Dr Phil, was the only cat I knew who loved flying on planes so much heheh

Have you ever traveled? Ever been in a LDR? Moved to another country? How did it turn out? Would you move to another country if you felt you met 'the one'?

I wish you the best on your journey of true love
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