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Talk about me, sometimes it's a little hard, but I'll try to be very specific and true.
I was born in Brazil in 1986, I am a native of the Portuguese Brazil.
My parents died when I was a kid.
In 1994 my father died of heart problems, I was 7 years old. Four months later, when I turned 8, my mother had cancer and died in 1995.
My mother met Jesus before she died.
I went to live with one of my older sisters, she already had 3 children in this case they are my nephews.
My Christian life started right when my mother died, I used to go to church with her. I have been praying to God since this time.
I grew up, finished school, and then finished high school.
When I turned eighteen years old, I left my sister's house and moved to the big city in southern Brazil where I swim near Argentina. I went to live in the city of Porto Alegre.
During this time I continued to study and took a technical course in business administration. And soon after I started the Faculty of Information Technology for computer systems. But I do not conclude due to some changes in my life that have happened.
I was baptized in 2007 in a Christian church in the city of Porto Alegre.
Many things have happened in my life, but God has always kept my soul. I never went to parties or bars, I never smoked or used drugs. I didn't have many girlfriends lol, yes due to my Christian life, I had never baptized myself but I knew the risk of getting a girl pregnant. I had the first sex relationship with 22 years old, it was a time that I was away from God.
Life went on I always had a dream of getting married and not being alone anymore, I waited many years for that, so when I was 27 years old, I got married, but I made the wrong choice, I didn't have children, I I never cheat on my ex wife, we broke up because in fact I was just a person she married to be able to leave her mother's house, and other issues, but that's in the past.
In 2017 we divorced, so I came to the United States, and today here I am, praying for God to send the right person for my life, I believe in marriage forever,
This is a small part of my life, I can say that I am a person, loving, funny, fun, and I love to help and love people close to me.
Thanks for reading I hope we can talk and maybe be together forever and love each other as it is God's purpose for man and woman.
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