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Jesus freak
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New life/ free grace
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Every week
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Possibly, who knows
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Jesus is my lord he gave me a calling and I’m working on it now cause we defeat satan by the blood of the lamb and the word of the are testimony
Anything trying new things being advertised and growing in God and doing his calling and being about the fathers business
About Me
I have so much to share to start First off I want to say
We’re I left off above

By certain ppls rejection and I wish for once someone would surprise me cause I hate becoming so stereotypical towards ppl cause I know there’s one or two out there that will surprised me! However is it worth it cause after the responses the number of perstentages that reply drop in the 2nd and even third to we’re your left with a needle in a hay stack as far as not being Prejudice or close minded to a certain pretty type of people to who I’m almost to afraid to msged cause
if I would msged them would build up to much pride in them

You never know you I could be the msged that builds them up, too so much pride! It starts to tip towards the fall

You know what they say pride comes before the fall ????. Anyway lol

I hate being on here! I get msgs from girls who are just immature millennials and in know way a woman! Dispite way they may think and what there age is!

I mean what happened to the 60s I wish I was born during that age I bet I would have a better chance meeting someone if theses dating sites were around then a genuinely nice person! And I’m sure you genuinely nice woman feel and struggle with the same thing on here with guys and I’m sry for that????!

My faith is important to me ??
I would like to develop a friendship start a conversation if anything so give me the chance at that an u will be able to write the rest of my profile in your mind . Cause obviously ppl on here try to paint the best image of themselves in there profile An it’s fales. I’m just real. An the most I can ask for is a chance in a conversation if u can’t give me the time in that. I’ll wish u the best . I won’t call u names . I’m sry if anyone was offended by the b word in my intro I was trying to be funny an give u my feelings on some of the rudest ppl Iv met on here when all my fault was is being interested in them after reading there profile. So if I msged u An I don’t hear from u I’m sry for finding your profile interesting An thinking that we could develop a friendship. Good luck

Ps my grammar ant the best please forgive me??
First Date
Just to get to know each other talk establish a friendship Take it moment by moment
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