, Looking for my Ruth as In Ruth &Boaz. At my side serving God, in a true commitment relationship,An

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First things first. If you read my profile and are interested , please remember to change your settings if you have an age limit on your profile so I can respond. I am Former trucking and retail now doing pastoral outreach. I do not follow modern day Christianity but true Christianity from the original biblical teachings set out in the original Aramaic Hebrew Roots bibles which are not always properly translated, it's close but to many mistruth's. Please read carefully, I wear photochromic prescription eyewear that darken real fast . If you are interested and have age limit, I can't respond so you have to change it so that I can respond. The best way to understand, how strong my faith and obedience to God Almighty through Christs, is to read, Matt.5 vse 18-20, HEB 10 vse 26 to 30 and Rev.22 vse18,19. To be at my side, is not just about a true commitment in marriage, but in a true commitment to each and to God Almighty through Christ, and that means obeying all of Gods commandments and Christs teachings. You must be able to relocate, and be willing to do so. There is a good chance of living off grid and being self sufficient, so can you handle this. I do not live a materialistic life style as it does not honor God. God does promise us wealth, but in His own time frame through obedience, but in my heart, true wealth comes from living a life the way God wants us to, and having a sincere woman at your side, not just for now but into eternity after Christ returns. I have a wide age range for those who need a friend to chat
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Coffee in a coffee shop to get to know one another, then a quiet stroll in the neighborhood or a park getting to know one another. The most important thing is to discuss is , what it really means to follow in Christ's footsteps and if you can you honestly do so. This will be harder then you may think, to many are like the story of the rich man who said he wanted to but to follow Christ but could not give up the luxuries of life, not realizing that the real prize is life eternal.
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