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A Marriage Partner
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Freedom Ministries
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Every week
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1 or 2 on occasion
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Possibly, who knows
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entrepreneur/ self employed
Raising a family, real estate, guns, martial arts, dirt bikes, mechanics, music, movies, video games
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I'm a laid back person, I'm usually serious and kind to people I don't know. I can be funny and talkative to people I am close to. As for lifestyle I enjoy traveling, hiking, outdoor and indoor activities. I like to create, learn and build things. I also enjoy movies and video games from time to time, it is not an obsession with me. I am aware that video game addictions can be very destructive. I am learning a second language (Spanish). I am also into firearms, hunting and martial arts. I work with my family in a real estate business, we have properties in Nevada, Wyoming, Tennessee, SC and the country of Panama. I'm a resident of Wyoming but I usually spend most of my time on our farm in SC. Although currently, I am working on a project in Pahrump Nevada.

I would like to find a biblical Christian wife who is committed to be a lifelong friend, companion, mother and teacher ( I want to homeschool).

I am not very picky about personality, as long as you value God's word and get joy through doing what God requires. I like practical people, no egos, or materialism. Being teachable, humble and longsuffering are qualities I value. I prefer women who don't wear makeup, every once in a while for special occasions is ok but only a little.

I drink very rarely, like maybe once or twice a year, my grandfather was an alcoholic before the Lord saved him. My family and I have always been cautious about drinking. I see drunkenness as sin. Drinking is ok but only in moderation . I'd rather have a milkshake or float to be honest
First Date
It depends on the family of the girl. I prefer to get permission from the father to date/court but I understand that there are exceptions.

I would like to visit her church and family, introduce myself maybe have lunch or dinner later in the day at a restaurant. I think its wise to bring a friend along, especially nowadays with all the crazies out there.

I'm up for anything, we could agree on a time or place. I like all kinds of food. Sushi, greek, etc. I have no allergies. I enjoy outdoor activities going on group hikes or the lake is always fun.
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