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Way too many likes to list them all here, apart from the usual stuff, I’m a firm believer in Intelligent Design (google it). history, geopolitics and current affairs, DIY house reno demo, and listening to podcasts in my free time
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Hi there, how you doing and how’s your day going?
I’m single and never married before and no kids as yet. So…Zero drama. My faith in Christ is the most important thing about me. I love hearing other people's stories about what God has done in their life. I'm told that I'm beautiful inside and out, and I credit that to God's faithful love, grace, and power at work in me. He has absolutely transformed my life, and I know I am nothing apart from him. I’m a worshiper at heart and there’s something about spontaneous worship music, it softens my heart in a way that nothing else can. Some of my favorite musicians are Elevation Worship, Bethel Music, Amanda Lindsey Cook, Kim Walker, Steffany Gretzinger, Lauren Diagle, Kari Jobe. This is apart from the music we sing in my own little Church that I attend (when it's not lockdown *sigh)

My soul is starving for a wholesome and endless conversation with a woman who is independent, confident, and mature in thoughts and challenges me to be a better man. I'm not looking for "the perfect woman" however I long to connect with a lady who genuinely loves Jesus and will work with me to keep Him at the center of our relationship. I would love for us to be a pair that is better together than apart.
There are simple things that make a relationship worth it, things like affection, those wholesome long phone call conversations, loyalty and respect, and most of all, honesty and consistency. Without that, any barrier be it age or distance are no longer relevant when two hearts find each other.

A balanced combination of that is so rare and hard to find nowadays, maybe it’s because I'm limited due to my geographic location and that’s why I signed up here to widen my pool and increase my chances. I do not believe in perfection by any means, every great relationship takes time and effort to go beyond the superficial honeymoon stage of a relationship; So why am I still single? Because I have yet to meet a genuine mature soul that is truly compatible and worth my undivided attention and pursuit. According to the personality type test, I'm INFP-a

So my lady, if you are seeking a gentleman who has placed his faith in Christ alone. A gentleman who will lovingly lead you and see his role as an honor and a privilege. A hetero-sapiosexual gentleman, a quiet thinker, soft-spoken, long tempered, affectionate, open-minded, and open to curiosity. A gentleman who, though he stumbles and struggles, will courageously stand in his manhood and will rise in God's strength and not his own. A gentleman who is red-blooded and manly, but who is humble and has a gentleness and tenderness within. A gentleman who will have a steadfast and faithful mind and heart toward his significant other, and only have eyes for her. A gentleman who is brave enough to be vulnerable and to open his heart and his innermost places and bond with his woman.
A gentleman who loves learning new things and talks about a variety of subjects be it geopolitics and current affairs to doing everyday house chores to talking about what we are cooking for dinner to talking about the future and how we’ll raise our children. I’m an all-rounder because this gentleman loves making people feel like they matter and speaks with a certain kindness that is so rare in the world these days. Particularly, I always find a way to appreciate all the little and beautiful things about people, the things that others don't notice as much. One of the reasons that makes me truly lovable to others is that I can make people feel appreciated for who they are as a person, and I notice the stuff that matters like, people's wonderful laughs, their quiet generosity, their humble bravery, their work ethic, their loyalty to their friends and family, their contagious silliness, and their constant selflessness. I never let a day go by without making someone feel loved, noticed, appreciated, cared about, and looked up to. In my humble opinion, I think these are some of the many reasons that make me lovable and a great life partner. I've never thought of myself as really shy, I don't bounce up to every person I see and introduce myself, but I'm open and find conversation fairly easy.

Thank you for stopping by my brief profile and taking your time to read it through, If you like what you read, don't be shy to wink 😜 and slide 💃 into my DMs. I speak multiple languages.

P.S. If I didn't reply to your messages, you probably just wrote "Hi" nevertheless I appreciate you reaching out. There are many great people out here on this site, I'm just not the right person for you. God bless you and thank you so much for understanding.

Cheers. 💐
First Date
I'm not looking for "the perfect woman" but I'm looking for that woman that can make the small moments perfect. Since we are under a pandemic, maybe a virtual date would be ideal and in non-pandemic times, I think someplace where we can walk and sit is best, perhaps someplace inexpensive, or even better, completely free and for our 1st date, how about we go to a farmer’s market. There are a ton of reasons this works so well as a first date. First, it's a public place so it's relatively safe. Plus, it gives socially nervous daters (like me) a lot of different things to discuss. We can discuss flowers, fruit, and jam preferences as we wander and shop together. If our date is going well, how about we buy some coffee, fruit, or ice cream and sit someplace to eat or drink together. If things are going extremely well, how about we buy a few ingredients and set a second date (my place/your place) where we'll cook or prepare the purchased ingredients to enjoy together.

Please note:
*If we can't be friends we have nothing to build upon because love is friendship set on fire.
*If you don't like cuddling or the thought of hugging or holding hands in public, we'll definitely not work, haha.
*Fancy coffee is overrated, and I prefer my coffee white and sweet, I don't mind if you like yours black and strong
*I also want a fairly relaxed lifestyle with traditional family values.
*Happy wife, happy life period
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